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Community Support

At a time when many in our community are at increased risk, this site offers resources we can use to support ourselves, each other, and our students.

Community support and resources during COVID-19

Legal Resources

Academic Freedom and Responsibility (see Section 24-33)

UW Bias Incident Reporting

Student Legal Services

Office of Academic Personnel
Information for international faculty on the impact of the travel ban Executive Order

International Student Services
Information for international students on the impact of the travel ban EO

UW Federal Relations
Current information about federal policy and its impact on the UW community

National Immigration Law Center, "Know Your Rights"

DACA questions and answers

Leadership Without Borders, a UW program housed at the Ethnic Cultural Center that supports undocumented students

Combating Islamophobia Action and Resources List

Teaching Resources

UW Center for Teaching and Learning, post-election resources

UW College of Education, post election teaching resources

Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

University of Michigan Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning, Responding to Difficult Moments

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning (Brown University)

Global Classrooms Manifesto, written by Participants of the Praxis Conference 2017 at the University of Washington

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusivity--UW Faculty Senate resources for faculty seeking to foster an inclusive community for research, teaching and service

Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Holding a Safe Space for Someone

The Q Center: “We facilitate and enhance a brave, affirming, liberatory, and celebratory environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions.

Calendar of Holidays and Religious Observances: As instructional calendars and course/test schedules for the year are developed, the UW urges faculty and students to work together to accommodate scheduling constraints related to observing central religious and cultural practices.  The UW also urges supervisors to be mindful of faculty and staff schedules as they observe central religious and cultural practices.

30 Ways to Be a Better Ally, by Jamie Utt

Office of Global Affairs
Central resource hub for global education, research and service for the UW

Counseling and Safety

Safe Campus

Counseling Center

Livewell (Formerly Student Health and Wellness)

UW Seattle Hall Health Center – Mental Health Clinic

Online Safety

UW Digital Wellness: Resource for any questions or concerns about the risks, benefits and opportunities of your life online.

Crash Override - crisis helpline, advocacy group, and resource center for people experiencing online abuse

Femtechnet’s Center for Solutions to Online Violence

Thinking Beyond Free Speech' in Responding to Online Harassment