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ENGL 302 A: Critical Practice

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MW 12:30pm - 2:20pm
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Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson

Syllabus Description:


Welcome to English 302, The Object(ive)s of Literature.  This is a course about literature and theories of the object.  Here is a brief summary of the course linked to the weekly modules.  By clicking the links you can see each week broken down into reading and writing assignments.  Here is a copy of the syllabus if you want to print it out: 

English 302 Syllabus Autumn 2020.docx

Week One:  Introduction

Week Two:  The Gift

Week Three:  The Fetish

Week Four:  The Transitional Object

Week Five:  Writing About Literature

Week Six:  The Thing

Week Seven: The Museum of Garbage

Week Eight:  The Work of Art

Week Nine:  Writing About Literature (again)

Week Ten:  Summing Up

Week Eleven:  Conferences


Catalog Description: 
Intensive study of, and exercise in, applying important or influential interpretive practices for studying language, literature, and culture, along with consideration of their powers/limits. Focuses on developing critical writing abilities. Topics vary and may include critical and interpretive practice from scripture and myth to more contemporary approaches, including newer interdisciplinary practices. Prerequisite: minimum 2.0 in ENGL 202.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
Writing (W)
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