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ENGL 198 C: Interdisciplinary Writing/Social Science

Meeting Time: 
TTh 2:30pm - 3:50pm
MGH 278

Syllabus Description:

Welcome to ENGL 198 C: Thinking and Writing with Psychology. This is a five-credit writing course linked with Psychology 101B by Dr. Lee Osterhout. The writing course satisfies the composition C or writing W credits. This course is designed for multilingual (MLL) students, meaning that the writing assignments and course materials are designed to explore cross-cultural or language issues of interest in topics of psychology and academic learning. For example, how has the issue of "stereotype threat" (a topic in social psychology) been studied in different countries and cultures? How can we learn from psychological research written in different languages through translation and multilingual communication? For the course purposes, students should identify as 'multilingual', meaning that they have lived experiences to draw on regarding multilingual identity and communicative practices. Through developing strategic writing skills in psychology as well as broader academic contexts, students will learn how to write for different audiences, critically read and respond to academic texts, create complex arguments and narratives, and develop rigorous revision strategies via constructive and collaborative feedback in order to become a better writer.

Catalog Description: 
Expository writing based on material presented in a specified social science lecture course. Assignments include drafts of papers to be submitted in the specified course, and other pieces of analytic prose. Concurrent registration in specified course required.
GE Requirements: 
English Composition (C)
Writing (W)
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