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ENGL 299 C: Intermediate Interdisciplinary Writing - Natural Sciences

Meeting Time: 
TTh 12:00pm - 1:20pm
MGH 076

Syllabus Description:

You can find the whole Syllabus Document by clicking right here.

This writing seminar explores how science moves through the lives and personal stories of those who engage it while giving students with interests across the diverse but interconnected disciplines of the natural sciences a space to pursue topics of personal interest. Through analysis and composition of a variety of texts, the course offers a path toward becoming authoritative participants in scientific discourse while simultaneously recognizing ways that values are embedded and centered (often invisibly) in the sciences and their related institutions. The assignments and coursework are means by which students can both interrogate and confirm the values of the science they want to pursue.

In this course we will work with a variety of texts, including your own and your classmates’ writing as you move through cycles of reading, discussion, reflective and formal writing, peer review, conferencing, revision, and intensive instructor interaction and feedback. Assessment of major assignments will involve collaboration and peer review between students as well as instructor comments.

Catalog Description: 
Expository writing based on materials presented in a specified natural science course. Assignments include drafts of papers to be submitted in the specified course, and other pieces of analytical prose. Concurrent registration in the specified course required. Offered: AWSpS.
GE Requirements: 
English Composition (C)
Writing (W)
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