ENGL 584 A: Advanced Fiction Workshop

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TTh 9:30am - 11:20am
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Maya Sonenberg
Maya Sonenberg

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This graduate prose workshop is a place to generate new work, take risks, and question yourself and others about your writing.  As you do so, you should be developing a good sense of your own passions, obsessions, and fears as writers.  In order to achieve these goals, you will generate new writing and use the Critical Response Process to comment on each other’s writing.

In this class, I traditionally focus on readings and exercises related to coming to an understanding of prose style, in addition to the creation and critiquing of student writing. I am not sure that this year, with its multiple pressures, conflicts, and traumas, is as well-suited for the focused study--and it usually entails lots of whiteboard use too! However, students often find this study illuminating and useful. Once I have a strong sense of who will be taking the class, I will to discuss it with you. The alternative is for each of you to do a project focused on the idea of "difficulty" related to some aspect of writing.


3 submissions of new fiction or literary nonfiction.  This should add up to at least 40 pages. If you are working on a novel or book length work of nonfiction, I will also expect you to produce a detailed outline for me and your classmates (link to instructions: DETAILED OUTLINE.doc).

Thoughtful consideration of each others' writing, as evidenced in class discussion and written comments.  As this is a small group, I will expect all of you to participate in all aspects of class discussion.

Other work. Either a series of exercises related to prose style or a project related to "difficulty," as defined by each student. This latter could be a website, a PowerPoint with lecture notes, a presentation, a brochure, an artist's book, etc.

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Prerequisite: graduate standing.
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