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ENGL 309 A: Theories of Reading

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MW 9:30am - 11:20am
CDH 105
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson

Syllabus Description:

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The House of Leaves and the Future of Reading

Welcome to English 309, Theories of Reading.  Here is a brief summary of the course linked to the weekly modules.  By clicking the links you can see the course broken down into reading and writing assignments.  Here is a copy of the syllabus that you should download:  English 309 syllabus Winter 2022.docx 


Course Resources

Week One: Introduction and Histories of Writing and Reading

Week Two:  Reading in the Brain and in Society

Week Three:  The Process of Reading

Week Four: Reading as Consuming and Theft

Week Five:  Exploring the House

Week Six:  Reading as Interpretation

Week Seven:  Close versus Distant Reading

Week Eight:  Putting Theory to Work Essays

Week Nine:  The Novel as a Theory of Reading

Week Ten:  All the Answers to All the Questions


Catalog Description: 
Investigates what it means to be a reader. Centers on authorial and reading challenges, shifting cultural and theoretical norms, and changes in the public's reading standards.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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