English Department Graduation Yearbook

We are very sorry we will not be able to host our usual department graduation celebration in Meany Hall this June to recognize and celebrate the class of 2020.  We know what a loss this is for our graduating seniors and their families.  While the UW will have a virtual commencement webcast for all graduates (see below), in the English department we have produced instead a graduation yearbook, distributed to the class of 2020.  We look forward to inviting you all back to campus in 2021 to celebrate your accomplishments in person. 

Who's Eligible to Participate in the June UW Commencement Ceremony?

Anyone who graduated in December 2019 or March 2020, or who has a graduation application on file for June 2020 or August 2020.

Applying to Graduate

All students, whether they are participating in the ceremonies or not, must apply to graduate by the applicable quarterly deadline in order to have their degrees granted officially by the UW. The final deadline for autumn, winter, and spring quarters is the third Friday of that quarter. For summer quarter graduates, students who want to participate in the June ceremonies must apply, with spring graduates, by the third Friday of spring quarter. Students should see an English adviser to file their graduation applications.

Students who want to use Graduating Senior Priority (GSP) for early registration during their final two quarters must apply much earlier, by the applicable GSP deadlines.

When and Where are the Ceremonies?

 UW Commencement: Saturday, June 13th, 2020, webcast.

The link to the UW commencement provides information for registering, ordering regalia, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

See this page for answers to common questions: Graduation FAQ.

Congratulations to this year's graduates!

Please let us know if you have good news to share! We always enjoy hearing about your admission to graduate programs, new jobs, and other exciting plans and endeavors.  Keep in touch with the English Department through our alumni section. We like to hear how you're doing and what you're up to out there in the "real world"!