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Expository Writing Program Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaboration Grant Winners 2017-18

The Expository Writing Program announces the recipients for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaboration Grant. This grant is for graduate student groups and is focused on developing composition curriculum, teacher resources, and research initiatives that center issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the writing classroom. Additionally, these grants seek to foster collaboration, conversation, and community among writing teachers invested in equity work. You can read more about the EWP seed grant and application process here.
Five collaboration groups were selected in Fall 2017 and are working on projects in Winter and Spring 2018 that range from developing Indigenous-centered writing curricula to curating an anti-racist writing pedagogy workshop series. Please look for announcements concerning these activities on the English Newsfeed and Newsletter. 
You can learn more about the funded collaboration groups and their projects below:

Materializing Translingualism in the Writing Classroom

  • Participants: Sumyat Thu, Sara Lovett, and Zhenzhen He-Weatherford

Interdisciplinary Work Group for the Generation of Indigenous-Centered Curricula

  • Participants: Lydia Heberling, Sebastian Lopez Vergara, Leah Rubinsky, Elizabeth Schoffner

Workshop Series: Antiracist Pedagogies Across Disciplines

  • Participants: Sarah Ghasedi, Dana Woodcock, Olivia Hernández, Jacki Fiscus, and Emily George

EWP special issue of Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship On Equity

  • Participants: Stephanie Hankinson, Elizabeth Janssen, and Alexandra Smith

Link to Special Issue - On Equity

Equity-Based Curriculum for Incoming TAs to Teach Collaboratively

  • Participants: Lubna Alzaroo, Laura De Vos, Matthew Hitchman, Max Lane, Matthew Howard, and Michelle Dinh

For questions about this grant, please write to Candice Rai, Director of the Expository Writing Program at