Internship Sample Query Letter

Angela Prospective Intern
123 Campus Drive
Seattle, WA 98105

December 12, 2012

Ms Jane Austen
Senior Editor
Northhanger Publishing Group
777 Mansfield Park
Sanditon, WA 22222

Re: Internship with the Northanger Publishing Group

Dear Ms Austen:

I'm a University of Washington junior majoring in English who is very interested in exploring a career in the publishing industry. I'm aware that you have sponsored UW English majors in the past for internships in your organization, and I would very much like an opportunity to speak with you about interning for the Northanger Publishing Group.

Some of the skills I can contribute in return for this learning opportunity are well-developed editing skills, experience in academic research, and excellent communication skills acquired in the course of my undergraduate work in English. I have also acquired some skills in marketing through my work on the UW's undergraduate literary arts magazine, Bricolage.

I have enclosed my résumé for your consideration. Would you be available to meet with me to discuss internship possibilities? I will plan to follow up by telephoning your office early next week. Thank you for your time in considering my materials. I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.


Angela P. Intern