MA/PhD Degree Requirements: Request to Proceed to Doctoral Study

As students near the end of their coursework at UW, they must apply for formal admission to doctoral study by completing the Request to Proceed to Doctoral Study form and submitting it to the DGS and the Graduate Studies Committee. The form includes sections on:

  1. the exam committee members
  2. the exam fields
  3. the student's preparation for their particular fields
  4. the student's professional goals
  5. the student's advising relationship with their committee chair

The student will complete the form in conversation with their chair. In addition, the chair must submit the confidential Chair's Form which is found at the end of the Request to Proceed to Doctoral Study form.

The Graduate Studies Committee reviews all applications, taking into account the student’s performance in graduate coursework and on the master’s essay at UW. Students who fail to be admitted to doctoral study will lose graduate standing at the end of the quarter in which their Request to Proceed is denied.