Master of Arts Degree Requirements

Forty credits of coursework and evidence of reading competency in a language other than modern or Middle English. Graduate students who intend to continue on to the fully-integrated Ph.D. program must complete a Master's Essay as part of coursework. The MA Essay often develops from a paper written for a course, follows the form of an article for a scholarly journal and demonstrates the candidate's competence in research and writing on an independently conceived topic of some scope. If the candidate does not wish to pursue the Ph.D., coursework may be substituted for the Master's Essay. The program may be completed within four full-time quarters.

Language requirement:

  • A 3.0 or higher in the final course of a second-year college-level course sequence (or more advanced), taken within three years prior to entrance; or
  • Approved professional verification of native-speaker reading ability in another language; or
  • A passing score on a language exam administered by the University of Washington Office of Educational Assessment; or
  • Completion of Advanced Old English language and literature (Engl 513) with a grade of 3.0 or better; or
  • Comparable alternatives (e.g., study abroad or summer immersion program) approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Staff in the English Graduate Office are available to answer questions concerning admission and program requirements.