Master of Arts for Teachers (of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Degree Requirements

44-55 credits plus a second language are required. The program is usually completed in six quarters. Core requirements include TESOL, linguistics, English and elective courses.

  • Six Core TESOL Courses

    • Engl 571 (5) Theory and Practice of TESOL
    • Engl 572 (5) Methods and Materials for Teaching ESOL
    • Engl 574 (5) Research Methods in Second Language Acquisition
    • Engl 576 (5) Testing and Evaluation in English as a Second Language
    • Ling 200 (5) Introduction to Linguistic Thought or
      Ling 400 (5) Survey of Linguistic Method and Theory
    • Ling 461 (5) Syntax or
      Engl 575 (5) Pedagogical Grammar
  • Two courses selected from the following:
    • Engl 471 (5) Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing
    • Engl 478 (5) Language and Social Policy
    • Engl 479 (5) Lang. Variation and Social Policy in North America
    • Engl 560 (5) Nature of Language
    • Engl 562 (5) Discourse Analysis
    • Engl 564 (5) Current Rhetorical Theory
    • Engl 567 (5) Approaches to Teaching Composition
    • Engl 568 (5) Topics in Composition Studies
    • Engl 569 (5) Topics in Language and Rhetoric
    • Engl 578 (5) TESOL Colloquium
    • Ling 432 (5) or 532(5) Sociolinguistics I
    • Ling 433/Anth 433 (5) Sociolinguistics II
    • Ling 457/Psych 457 (5) Language Development
    • Ling 462 (5) Syntax
    • Ling 550 (5) Phonetics
    • Ling 551 (5) Phonology
    • EDC&I 453 (3) Teaching the Bilingual/Bicultural Student
    • EDC&I 458 (3) Content Area ESL Instruction
    • EDC&I 528 (4) Foundations of Language, Literacy and Culture
    • EDC&I 537 (4) Classroom Discourse
    • EDC&I 540 (3) Immigrant Schooling
    • EDC&I 545 (3) Multilingual Socialization and Development
    • EDC&I 547 (3) Sociolinguistics
  • Elective. Any course 400-level or above in English, Anthropology, Education, or Linguistics, including those listed above, or in any language other than English not used to fulfill the language requirement may fulfill the elective requirement. An elective may also be approved from related courses in other fields.
  • Engl 570 - Practicum in Teaching ESL (5)
    The practicum involves a supervised teaching experience and seminar attendance. The instructional experience may be gained in a variety of settings. Most often students electing the Practicum for the first time will become student teachers in the UW English Language Programs. Students who are granted teaching assistantships should also elect the Practicum during their first quarter as a T.A. The normal requirement for ENGL 570 is two quarters, five credits for each quarter. Students with substantial ESOL teaching experience may petition for exemption from three units of the practicum. When such petitions are approved, the total number of credits for the program is reduced.
  • Foreign Language Requirement. Intermediate-level proficiency in one language other than English, demonstrated by
    • a 3.0 or higher in a second-year university-level course sequence, taken during residency or no more than three years prior to entrance; or
    • a passing score on a language exam administered by the University of Washington Educational Assessment Center; or
    • approved professional verification of intermediate or native-speaker ability in another language.

Thesis Option

MATESOL students may choose to complete a thesis as part of their program, under the guidance of a thesis supervisory committee. The committee shall consist of 2-4 English graduate faculty members. Students writing a thesis complete 10 credits of Engl 700, which can replace two of the elective courses.

Additional Information

Staff in the English Graduate Office are available to answer questions concerning admission and program requirements. In addition, a MATESOL adviser is available part-time during the academic year to discuss more specific coursework, program of studies, and the field of TESOL.