MATESOL Frequently Asked Questions

Autumn 2024 Admissions

Applications for our Autumn 2024 cohort will open on September 15, 2023.  If you have any questions, please reach out to

How many students are admitted to the MATESOL program each year?

We typically receive 100-150 applications each year for an incoming class of 10-14 students.

What is the most important piece of the application?

Applications are reviewed holistically and we take all materials under consideration.

For the purposes of the application process, I am classified as a “non-native English speaker" (Please note that the MATESOL Program opposes discrimination on the basis of linguistic identity and honors the multilingual richness that forms the foundation of our discipline and profession.)

Do I need to submit official test (TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo) scores?

If submitting test scores, official TOEFL, IELTS and/or Duolingo test scores are required. Information on how to send test scores can be found on the UW Graduate School’s website here:….

I am classified as a “non-native English speaker” and meet the minimum admissions requirements. Why do I need to also submit TOEFL or IELTS scores?

The UW Graduate School has two policies in connection to this: Policy 3.2 and Policy 5.2.

MATESOL students interested in an Academic Student Employee (ASE) appointment must also meet the requirements listed in the UW Graduate School’s Policy 5.2 in order to be eligible to teach. There are a variety of ways to show English language proficiency in Policy 5.2. Typically, the best way to demonstrate proof of English Proficiency to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Can I submit Duolingo scores to meet UW Graduate School Policy 5.2?

No, Duolingo scores do not meet the requirements listed in Policy 5.2. If submitting Duolingo scores, you must also meet the requirements listed in the UW Graduate School’s Policy 5.2: Conditions of Appointment for TAs who are not Native Speakers of English to be considered for an ASE position.

How do I know if my official test scores have been added to my application?

You can confirm transmission of electronic test scores by logging into your application, and checking your Application Status Page > Tests section (successfully sent scores will show a date under “Date Received” column).

Can I submit four letters of recommendation?

While the requirement is only three letters of recommendation, you do have the ability to submit four names of recommenders in the application portal.

Can my recommendation letters arrive after the January 15th the application deadline?

While letters should arrive by January 15th, we will still consider letters which arrive within 48 hours of this deadline. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate with their recommenders well in advance of the deadline, so as to ensure that letters can be uploaded on time.

My writer is having an issue with the recommendation link. What should I do?

If your writers are having issues uploading their letter, they are welcome to email it directly to  Note: we are unable to upload recommendation letters until your application has been submitted.

Are there specific guidelines for formatting the resume or CV?

We don't have any specific requirements for the formatting of the resume or CV. In formatting a resume pr, the main concern is that your most relevant qualifications and experience should stand out on a quick perusal. Please be sure to include all teaching and tutoring experiences, indicating the number of teaching hours a week, whether the experience was a paid or volunteer position, whether you were the instructor of record or an assistant in the classroom, and the class size or number of tutees. 

Even though they are no longer required, should I still submit my GRE scores?

If you have already taken the GRE and wish to submit scores you may do so. However, it will not disadvantage you in any way if you do not submit GRE scores.

Can I apply after the January 15th deadline? Do you offer extensions?

The application is due at 11:59pm on January 15th. If January 15 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the deadline is the following Monday. We typically do not offer extensions.

Can the application fee be waived?

The UW Graduate School offers fee waivers to applicants who qualify for financial need; for more information, see the Graduate School's website:

What kinds of funding are available?

Some of our first-year students and most of our second-year students receive Academic Student Employee (ASE) positions, which include a teaching position, tuition waiver, health insurance, and a stipend. In addition, several of our international students receive tuition waivers from the Graduate School every year. A number of additional grants, fellowships, and other funding are available to students.

How large are the graduate seminars?

Seminar courses range from 4-15 students, with average class size at 6-8 students.

Does the program require completion of a thesis?

No, the MATESOL Program is a non-thesis program, and does not require completion of a thesis as part of the degree requirements.