College Magazine Praises ENGL 242 (Reading Prose Fiction)

In a feature on the University of Washington, College Magazine has named the class English 242 (Reading Prose Fiction) as one of its "10 Gen-Eds You Won’t Skip," that is, "must-take general education electives" that they "guarantee you’ll love."

What makes ENGL 242 so attractive? "You’ll read prose fiction by authors like Don DeLillo or Alison Bechdel, basically stuff you can’t quickly look up on Sparknotes before class. Graphic novels, science fiction or short stories."

During Spring 2016, instructors are teaching ENGL 242 under titles such as "Punks and Rebels: Violence as an Aesthetic of Resistance in Twentieth-Century England," "Exploring Grief in 20th Century North American Literature," and "Reading Fiction of the Pacific Northwest," and among the many texts assigned are Sherman Alexie's Ten Little Indians, Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, and Zadie Smith's NW.

ENGL 242 will return in Fall 2016, and at least one section is typically taught every quarter during the academic year.