English Department Statement, January 2017

Nationally and locally we are going through a tumultuous and confusing time. We wish to affirm that the UW English Department values the inherent dignity and uniqueness of individuals and communities. We aspire to be a place where human rights are respected and where any of us can seek support. This includes people of color; people of all faiths, genders, national origins, political views, and citizenship status; LGBQTIA+; those with disabilities; veterans; and anyone who has been targeted, abused, or disenfranchised. In our teaching, service, and scholarship, we frequently initiate and encourage conversations about charged subjects such as race, immigration, gender, sexuality, and class. We are proud of this fact, and we pledge to continue to do so.

  • Brian Reed, Chair, English Department
  • Anis Bawarshi, Associate Chair, English Department
  • Bob Abrams, Executive Committee
  • Carolyn Allen, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Megan Callow, Associate Director, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
  • Eva Cherniavsky, Chair, Diversity Committee
  • Louis Chude-Sokei, Chair, Executive Committee
  • Andrew Feld, Director, Creative Writing Program
  • Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges, Director, Computer Integrated Classrooms
  • Habiba Ibrahim, Executive Committee
  • Charles LaPorte, Executive Committee
  • Michelle Liu, Executive Committee
  • Carrie Matthews, Director, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
  • Colette Moore, Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Suhanthie Motha, Executive Committee
  • Candice Rai, Director, Expository Writing Program
  • Sandra Silberstein, Director, MATESOL Program
  • Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill, Associate Director, Expository Writing Program
  • Pimone Triplett, Diversity Committee
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