DEIC Workshop: "Foregrounding Equity in EWP Teaching Across Institutional Settings"

The UWHS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Collaboration Grant Participants will be holding a workshop scheduled for this April entitled “Foregrounding Equity in EWP Teaching Across Institutional Settings.” This workshop seeks to bring together EWP Graduate Instructors and UW in the High School instructors to talk about diversity and equity in writing pedagogy.

The workshop will be led by three UW in the High School instructors, who will present their own materials and perspectives on foregrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the writing classroom. This workshop has three major goals:

  1. To create more collaboration and exchange between writing instructors across all campuses.

  2. To foreground issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. What do these terms mean to you as instructors and how can they help us to better serve our students?

  3. To give more exposure to the work UWHS instructors do in their classrooms and provide models for less experienced instructors as well as deeper insight into the experiences of an increasingly diverse student population.

Date and location:

Friday April 19, 9:30am-12:30pm

Miller Hall, Room 104

During the first half of the workshop, panelists will present materials and initiate group discussion. During the second half, instructors will be invited to “workshop” in groups a classroom artifact of their choice (ideally related to the theme of diversity, equity, and inclusion or one in which they would like to further incorporate this theme).

The workshop is open to all UWHS instructors and on-campus EWP instructors. Coffee and snacks will be provided.

The panel will feature the following UWHS instructors:

Lisa Rice, Franklin High School

David Vinson, Kennedy High School

Rachelle Horner, Eastlake High School

To RSVP, or with any questions, please email Jessica Holmes, Lead UWHS Liaison, at