Teacher Talk: Discussing Equity in the Classroom

Are you interested in collaborating with other teachers across disciplines to address equity in education? The Expository Writing Program is sponsoring a new monthly teaching group for educators to learn from one another and critically examine our own teaching practices.

Critical Classrooms aims to cultivates space for graduate student instructors to discuss and address systemic inequalities in our classrooms.

Attendees will each bring a curriculum idea, classroom issue, or teaching artifact to discuss with other teachers through the lens of equitable teaching. If you’re not sure what to bring, just bring yourself. Each attendee will have an opportunity to present their idea, issue, or artifact and discuss solutions, interventions, and revisions with the other teachers present.

The first teaching group will be held on February 15th from 10:00-11:30 in the Simpson Center (attendees may arrive late or leave early if needed).

While this first meeting will be open to all topics related to equity, we would like to open a call to all teachers to facilitate themed sessions in the future. Examples of possible future topics include “How to apply translingualism in the classroom,” “How to make assignment prompts more accessible,” or “Gender and labor in education.”

If you are interested in facilitating a future teaching group session, email Sara Lovett at slovett@uw.edu with your topic idea.