Teacher Talk: "Pedagogy is a part of Production: Who are we Producing?"

On Friday, April 12th, Gust Burns will be facilitating a discussion titled: "Pedagogy is a part of Production: Who are we Producing?" for the Teacher Talk Series.

When: 10:00-11:30 (attendees may arrive late or leave early if needed)

Where: Padelford Grad Lounge

Below is a description of this teacher talk's focus:

This session will examine how, as instructors in the University, our courses, themes, methodologies, and materials, not to mention the ideas and skills we teach, all contribute to the production of students' subjectivities. Since this is the case, shouldn't the first question we ask ourselves be, 'What kinds of subjectivities should we try to produce?' How do assignments that mimic or model entrepreneurial and work-force situations predispose students? What aims are served by the production of citizen-subjectivity, even (or especially) if the 'citizens' are 'critical'? How do classroom methodologies and materials shape students' perspectives through both signifying and asignifying means? How do pedagogies that ask students to 'solve problems' preclude meaningful political engagement? Participants could bring one teaching material (prompt, exercise, syllabus, etc.) for analysis.

Critical Classrooms aims to cultivates space for graduate student instructors to discuss and address systemic inequalities in our classrooms.

If you are interested in facilitating a future teaching group session or have questions about the event, email Sara Lovett at slovett@uw.edu with your topic idea.