Teacher Talk CFP

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Teacher Talk is a pedagogy workshop and conversation series that seeks to provide a space for graduate instructors, faculty, and staff to share innovative and equitable practices, discuss praxis, and build a supportive teaching community. Housed in the Expository Writing Program (EWP) as part of the Critical Classroom Series, Teacher Talk hosts interactive events that run 60-90 minutes, including guided discussions, panels, break-out sessions, roundtables, workshops, and resource sharing. Workshop facilitators will receive modest stipends.

Teacher Talk invites proposals for 2019-2020 on topics that foreground one or more of the goals of Critical Classrooms:

  • Create a sustainable space for instructors to talk about power in the classroom.
  • Build critical awareness and capacities in instructors to recognize power in the classroom and subsequently be responsive to it in their pedagogy.
  • Provide support for critical pedagogy and concrete classroom content.
  • Incorporate critical awareness of power into ongoing professional development.

Here are some ways you could structure your Teacher Talk:

  • Sharing strategies or materials for teaching writing, argument, reading practices, incorporating outcomes, equitable writing assessment, designing writing projects, etc.
  • Workshopping lessons, assignment sequences, classroom themes related to ethical, equitable teaching.
  • Offering innovative teaching strategies to be used by fellow instructors.
  • Showcasing technologies that can be incorporated into the classroom.
  • Round table discussions of experiences, positive or negative, that occur in the classroom.
  • Discussions of specific themes (e.g., race, gender, class, identity, accessibility) and their relationship to teaching.

Proposals should be a maximum of 300 words including the proposed theme, structure, purpose, and 2-3 guiding questions. 

Questions regarding the submission process may be directed to Sara Lovett <slovett@uw.edu> or Jacob Huebsch <jhuebsch@uw.edu>.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis. Priority for Autumn Quarter Teacher Talks will be given to proposals received by Friday, October 4 at 5:00pm.