Teacher Talk - The Creative Teacher

Submitted by Jacob Dwaine Huebsch on
The Expository Writing Program and Critical Classrooms invites you to join Teacher Talk next Friday, May 1st from 1:00-2:00 titled "The Creative Teacher"
As part of EWP’s Critical Classroom Series, Teacher Talk is a pedagogy conversation series that provides a space for graduate instructors, faculty, and staff to share innovative and equitable practices, discuss praxis, and build a supportive teaching community. In addition to the guiding questions indicated on the flyer and below, please bring any questions or insights you may have. If you are comfortable and willing, we’ll take turns discussing each other’s inquiries, offering insight, feedback, helpful tips, or further thoughts.
For the Zoom invitation, please email jhuebsch@uw.edu.
The following questions will be explored during this event:
  • How and when can we incorporate various modes of creativity and creative arts into our teaching?

  • What practices or innovations are students bringing into the classroom that foster creativity, resilience, and care?

  • How can creativity and experimentation in composition classes help students and instructors through moments of crisis and what forms does this incorporation take?

And just for fun: 
  • What adjustments and preparations are you making as we head into the second half of the quarter?
Please see the upcoming event: