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What do English alumni do?

The following is a list of more than 1,100 unique job titles currently held by University of Washington English Department alumni.

(Source: UW Advance Alumni Database, 2013. Identifying information has been removed. Duplicates have been deleted -- for example, although hundreds of our alumni hold positions such as attorney, teacher, or marketing manager, each unique professional title is listed only once. )

Academic Administrative Assistant
Academic Coach
Academic Coordinator
Academic Counselor
Academic Director
Academic Services Director
Access Database Programmer
Account Coordinator
Account Executive
Account Manager
Accounting Associate
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Instructor
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Supervisor
Accounts Payable Representative
Accounts Receivable Manager
Acquisitions Editor
Acquisitions Librarian
Acting instructor
Activities Assistant
Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Instructor
Adjunct Professor
Administration Assistant
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Manager
Administrative Services Manager
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Support
Administrator of Program Operations
Admissions Counselor
Admissions Director
Admitting Reference
Adoption Specialist
Adult Services Coordinator
Adult Services Librarian
Advanced Preschool Teacher
Advertising Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Marketing & Promotions Manager
Aerospace Recruiter
Affiliate Instructor
Affiliate Professor
Agency Information Coordinator
Air Ambulance Pilot
Air Force Public Affairs
Air Traffic Systems Specialist
Alternative Teacher
Americorp/National Service Member
Animal Massage Practitioner
Annual Fund Manager
Antique Dealer
Area Manager
Area Sales Representative
Army Officer
Art Director
Arts Facilities Manager
Assistant Attorney General
Assistant Branch Manager
Assistant City Attorney
Assistant Director
Assistant Editor
Assistant General Counsel
Assistant Historian
Assistant Law Librarian
Assistant Library Director
Assistant Location Manager
Assistant Manager
Assistant Managing Editor
Assistant Managing Librarian
Assistant Partner
Assistant Principal
Assistant Professor
Assistant Regional Manager
Assistant to City Manager
Assistant to House Masters
Assistant to the Director
Assistant Travel Editor
Assistant Vice President
Associate Attorney
Associate Broker
Associate Director
Associate Director of Public Relations
Associate Document Technician
Associate Editor
Associate Executive Director
Associate General Counsel
Associate Legislative Director
Associate Librarian
Associate Producer
Associate Professor
Associate Specialist Librarian
Associate Technical Editor
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice President for Development
Attorney at Law
Audit Associate
Ballet Teacher
Banking Center Manager
Banking Officer
Bankruptcy Counselor
Banquet Manager
Barrister Shift Supervisor
Battalion Chief
Birth Doula
Board Member
Bond Trader
Book Editor
Box Office Representative
Branch Manager
Brigadier General
Brokerage Coordinator
Budget and Fiscal Analyst
Building Commissioner
Business Analyst
Business Consultant
Business Development Manager
Business Manager
Business Owner
Business Plan Writer
Business Property Owner
Business Reporter
Business Representative
Business Systems Analyst
Buying Support Associate
Campaign Manager
Canon for Ministry Development
Career Specialist
Case Manager
Category Analyst
Cellular Consultant
Cement Contractor
Center Director
Certified Professional Guardian
Certified Public Accountant
Change Management Manager
Chief Acquisition Manager
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Chemist
Chief Counsel
Chief Credit Officer
Chief Deputy County Attorney
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Resident
Chief Technology Officer
Children's Librarian
Children's Section Supervisor
Children's Services Consultant
CIS Manager
City Administrator
City Archivist
Claim Specialist
Claims Adjuster
Claims Examiner
Claims Representative
Client Manager
Clinic Operations Specialist
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Dietician
Clinical Director
Clinical Instructor
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Professor
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Secretary
Clinical Social Worker
Clinical Technologist
Closed Account Collection Representative
Coffee Roaster
Collection Manager
College Counselor
College Instructor
College Professor
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Commercial Underwriter
Communication Disorder Specialist
Communications Branch Liaison
Communications Clerk
Communications Coordinator
Communications Manager
Community Based Services Coordinator
Community Cancer Control Assistant
Community Corrections Officer
Community Services Manager
Compensation & Benefits Specialist
Compliance Analyst
Computer Program Analyst
Computer Programmer
Computer Services
Computer Specialist
Computer Support Analyst
Computer Support Technician
Conference Coordinator
Configuration Management Analyst
Conservation Program Administrator
Construction Project Manager
Construction Superintendent
Consulting Analyst
Consumer Sales Representative
Content Access Manager
Content Business Manager
Content Coordinator
Content Editor
Content Strategist
Continuing Education Coordinator
Continuing Education Specialist
Contract Administrator
Contract Manager
Contract Specialist
Contracting Officer
Copy Director
Copy Editing Coordinator
Copy Editor
Copy Writer
Corporate Communications Director
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Vice President
Cost Management Analyst
Costume Director
Counseling Services Coordinator
County Commissioner
Court Commissioner
Creative Chief
Curriculum Coordinator
Curriculum Resource Teacher
Customer Relations Representative
Customer Satisfaction Agent
Customer Service Associate
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Supervisor
Dance Instructor
Data Analyst
Data Entry Specialist
Data Manager
Data Processing Manager
Data Processor
Data Specialist
Dealer Sales Representative
Depot Planning Manager
Deputy District Director
Deputy Features Editor
Deputy Fire Marshall
Deputy General Manager
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Desktop Editor
Desktop Publishing Coordinator
Development Associate
Development Coordinator
Development Database Manager
Development Director
Development Manager
Development Services Officer
Development Specialist
Digital Artist
Directing Editor
Director for Advancement Services
Director of Alumni Relations
Director of Assessment
Director of Business Development
Director of Career Services
Director of Client Services
Director of College Relations
Director of Communications
Director of Community Services
Director of Community Volunteers
Director of Compensation
Director of Continuing Education
Director of Development
Director of Education
Director of Event Marketing
Director of Finance
Director of Freight Systems Division
Director of Gulf Coast Operations
Director of Heart Walk
Director of Human Resources
Director of Human Services Programs
Director of Individual Giving
Director of Information Systems
Director of Information Technology
Director of International Business Development
Director of International Sales & Marketing
Director of Investor Relations and Communications
Director of Loan Support Services
Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Operations
Director of Planning
Director of Public Relations
Director of Publications
Director of Residential Sales & Branch Operations
Director of Software Development
Director of Special Education
Director of Sponsored Research
Director of Technical Communications
Director of The Writing Center
Director of Traffic Acquisition
Director of Upward Bound Programs
Director of Vineyard Operations
Director of Vocational Services
Disease Intervention Specialist
Disease Investigator
Disease Research & Data Specialist
Distinguished Visiting Lecturer
District Court Clerk
District Manager
District Marketing Manager
District Sales Manager
District Superintendent
District Truancy Specialist
Docketing Coordinator
Donor Services Officer
Drug Resistance Specialist
Economic Development Specialist
Editing Lead
Editor and Publisher
Editor Consultant
Editor in Chief
Editorial Art Coordinator
Editorial Director

Education Coordinator
Education Field Supervisor
Education Program
Education Staff Assistant
Educational Assistant
Educational Psychologist
Educator, Health Care Administration
E-Learning Specialist
Election Director
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Technician
Electrician Foreman
Electronic Publishing Manager
Elementary School Principal
Elementary School Teacher
Elevator Construction Services
Employment Counselor
Employment Manager
Engineering Technical Support
Engineering Writer
English & Art Assistant
English and Math Tutor
English as a Second Language Teacher
Enrichment Program Supervisor
Environmental Data Analyst
ESL Assistant
ESL Teacher and Department Chair
European Director of Studies
Event Manager
Event Planner
Events Consultant
Events Coordinator
Events Manager
Executive Assistant
Executive Director
Executive Online Producer
Executive Producer
Executive Search Consultant
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Executive Vice President of Digital Media
Executive Vice President of Marketing
Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development
Extension Lecturer
Facility Manager
Factory Sales Representative
Faculty Librarian
Family Educator
Family Practice Physician
Family Programs Assistant
Field Merchandising Rep
Field Operative
Field Sales
File Clerk
Film & Video Editor
Finance & Insurance Manager
Financial Advisor
Financial Aid Adviser
Financial Analyst
Financial Consultant
Financial Manager
Financial Officer
Financial Planner
Financial Services Specialist
Fire & Life Safety Educator
Firefighter Paramedic
Fiscal Specialist
Fiscal Technician
Flight Attendant
Food Service Worker Lead
Footwear Product Development
Forclosure Specialist
Foreign Service Officer
Founder & President
Founding Director
Freelance Illustrator
Freelance Journalist
Freelance Technical Writer-Editor
Freelance Writer
Furniture Refinisher
Gallery Director
Game Tester & Editor
General Contractor
General Manager
General Partner
GI Endoscopy Technician
Gifted Instructor
Gifted Special Education
Global Marketing
Golf Instructor
Golf Professional
Government Affairs Manager
Government Sales Manager
Graduate Programs Manager
Graduation & Academic Records Specialist
Grant Writer
Grants Administrator
Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer
Graphics Desk Editor
Grill Operator
Group Manager
Group Manager of Corporate Publishing
Hazardous Waste Specialist
Head Coach
Head of Bibliographic Services
Health Information Technician
Health Instructor
Health Room Assistant
Healthcare Recruiter
High School Counselor
High School Teacher
Homicide Detective & Investigations Training Coordinator
Hospital Assistant
Hospital Liaison Supervisor
Hospital Telephone Communications Operator
Hotel Assistant Manager
House Manager
Housing Coordinator
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Manager
Human Subjects Review Coordinator
Implementation Analyst
Import Director
Independent Contractor
Individual Giving Coordinator
Individual Practitioner
Industrial Appeals Judge
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Specialist
Information Architect
Information Clerk
Information Management
Information Specialist
Information Technician
Inside Sales
Insurance Agent
Insurance Broker
Insurance Management
Insurance Underwriter
Integrated Systems Manager
Interim Business Manager
Interior Designer
Internal Medicine Physician
Internal Staffing Specialist
International Staffing Consultant
International Student Advisor
Internet Engineer
Internship Coordinator
Inventory Auditor
Investment Clerk
Investment Executive
IRS Agent
IS-Ecommerce Manager
IT Manager
Item Analyst
Jewelry Designer
Job Service Specialist
Judge Advocate
Judge's Clerk
Junior High School Teacher
Lab Services Coordinator
Labor Negotiator
Labor Relations Consultant
Laser Specialist
Law Clerk
Law Librarian
Lead Data Security Analyst
Lead Designer
Leasing Administrator
Legal Assistant
Legal Consultant
Legal Examiner
Legal Intern
Legal Secretary
Legal Team Associate
Legal Writer
Legislative Assistant
Legislative Specialist
Library Assistant
Library Clerk
Library Director
Library Manager
Library Media Assistant
Library Specialist
Library Supervisor
Library Technician
Licensed Acupuncturist
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensing Associate
Litigation Associate
Loan Officer
Local Courier
Localization Writer/Editor
Major Gifts Officer
Management Analyst
Manager Human Resources
Manager of Civic Partnership Program
Manager of Departmental Computing
Manager of Employer Group Reporting
Manager of Information Systems
Manager of Information Tech
Manager of Installed Base Programs
Manager of Library/Info Services
Manager of Online Operations
Manager of Program Operations
Manager of Public Affairs
Managing Broker
Managing Consultant
Managing Director
Managing Editor
Managing Librarian
Managing Partner
Manuscripts Librarian/Archivist
Marine Inspection Coordinator
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Mark-up Clerk
Massage Therapist
Master Scheduler
Material Management Anaylst
Materials Specialist
Math Teacher
Mechanic and Owner
Mechanical Engineer
Media Director
Media Manager
Media Relations
Mediator/ Arbitrator
Medical Assistant
Medical Biller
Medical Transcriptionist
Membership & Volunteer Coordinator
Mental Health Practitioner
Mental Health Program Coordinator
Mental Health Specialist
Middle School Principal
Middle School Teacher
Minister to Children
Ministry Coordinator
Minority Women's Business Specialist
Missionary Writer
Mixed Media Artist
Mortgage Associate
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Consultant
Mortgage Loan Officer
Mortgage Planner
Multi Media Director
Multimedia/Newsdesk Manager
Music Critic
Music Studio Engineer
National Sales Manager
Natural Resources Manager
Neighborhood Service Center Coordinator
News Anchor/Producer/Reporter
News Assistant
News Director/ Journalist
News Graphics Supervisor
Newsletter Editor
Newspaper Columnist
Night Supervisor
Non Profit Director
Novicemans Coach
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Occupational Therapist
Oceanographic Technician
Office Administrator
Office Assistant
Office Manager
Online Course Manager
Online Instructor
Operating Engineer
Operations Librarian
Operations Manager
Operations Supervisor
Oral and Written Communication Consultant
Outreach Services Technician
Overseas Recruiting Director
Para Educator
Parking Specialist
Partner Relations Manager
Partner Representative
Parts Coordinator
Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Financial Services Specialist
Patient Services Specialist
Payroll Superintendent
Peace Corps Volunteer
Performance Auditor
Performing Arts Coordinator
Personnel Manager
Personnel Specialist
Pharmacy Technician
Photographer's Assistant
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist Assistant
Planning Director
Plant Manager
Police Chief
Police Lieutenant
Policy Director
Portfolio Manager
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Practice Management Consultant
Practice Manager
Preschool Teacher
President & CEO
Price Verification Specialist
Principal Consultant & Solutions Architect
Principal Content Manager
Principal Editor
Principal Gifts Officer
Principal Lecturer
Principal Technical Writer
Probation Officer
Product Configuration Specialist
Product Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Product Technician
Production Manager
Production Planner

Program Administrator
Program Assistant
Program Coordinator
Program Director
Program Officer
Program Operations Specialist
Program Support Supervisor
Project Assistant
Project Associate
Project Control Engineer
Project Coordinator
Project Editor
Project Manager
Property Administrator
Property Facilitator
Property Management
Proposal Coordinator
Proposal Writer
Psychiatric ARNP
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker
Public Affairs Specialist
Public Defender
Public Disclosure Coordinator
Public Information Officer
Public Information Specialist
Public Relations Director
Public Relations Manager
Public Service Librarian
Publication Design Lead
Publications Coordinator
Publishers Assistant
Purchasing Agent
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Technician
Quality & Training Manager
Research & Development Project Manager
Radiologic Technologist
Readiness & Training Manager
Reading Specialist
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Broker
Recording Department Assistant
Records Custodian
Records Technician
Recreation Research Planner
Recruiting Coordinator
Recruiting Supervisor
Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
Reference Librarian
Regional Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Regional Training Leader
Regional Vice President
Regional Wildlife Program Manager
Registered Dental Hygienist
Registered Nurse
Registered Representative
Registrar Assistant
Release Manager
Reports Writer
Research Analyst
Research And Archives Director
Research Assistant
Research Consultant
Research Coordination
Research Fellow
Research Librarian
Research Manager
Research Scientist/Engineer
Research Specialist
Researcher And Feeder
Residential Counselor
Resource Specialist/Teacher
Retail Manager
Retirement Specialist
Revenue Officer
RN Team Leader
Safety Consultant
Sales Administration
Sales Analyst
Sales and Marketing
Sales Assistant
Sales Associate
Sales Coordinator
Sales Engineer
Sales Manager
Sales Operation Manager
Sales Representative
Schedule & Course Information Specialist
Schedule Planner
School Administrator
School Counselor
School Librarian
School Library Media Specialist
School Nurse
School Psychologist
Secondary Curriculum Coordinator
Secretary Senior
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Security Coordinator
Self Employed
Senior Editor
Senior Account Executive
Senior Account Management Recruiter
Senior Account Manager
Senior Account Representative
Senior Analyst
Senior Applications System Engineer
Senior Asset Manager
Senior Assistant City Attorney
Senior Assistant Librarian
Senior Associate & Partner
Senior Associate of Public Affairs
Senior Attorney
Senior Auditor
Senior Automation Engineer
Senior Book Editor
Senior Budget and Policy Analyst
Senior Business Analyst
Senior Claims Adjuster
Senior Compliance Analyst
Senior Computer Specialist
Senior Contracts Manager
Senior Copywriter
Senior Copywriter, Editor
Senior Corporate Counsel
Senior Counsel
Senior Digital Marketing Analyst
Senior Director
Senior Director of Real Estate & Store Construction
Senior Ecologist
Senior Editor
Senior Editorial Assistant
Senior Esthetician
Senior Facilities Consultant
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Graphic Artist
Senior Internet Researcher
Senior Landscape Architect
Senior Lecturer
Senior Management Analyst
Senior Manager
Senior Manager Print Resources
Senior Manager, Content Publishing
Senior Marketing Analyst
Senior Marketing Director
Senior Pastor and Head of Staff
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Product Manager
Senior Sales Representative
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Support Technician
Senior Specialist
Senior Staff Attorney
Senior Systems Architect
Senior Tax Specialist
Senior Techical Editor
Senior Technical Trainer
Senior Training Associate
Senior Underwriter
Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President of Sales
Senior Vice President, Client Services
Service Manager
Services Librarian
Shared Services Specialist
Shift Supervisor
Shop Teacher
SIS Infosystems Supervisor
Site Supervisor
Small Business Owner
Soap Maker
Social Science Analyst
Social Work Faculty
Social Worker
Software Developer
Software Development Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Specialist
Software Testing Engineer
Software Training Specialist
Sole Proprietor
Solution Consulting Manager
Solutions Development Engineer
Spanish Teacher
Special Assistant
Special Education Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Special Education Program Coordinator
Special Education Teacher
Special Education Team Leader
Special Programs Teacher
Special Project Assistant
Specialist, Organizational Development
Specimen Processing Technician
Speech Language Pathologist
Speech Pathologist
Speech/Language Pathologist
Sports Editor
Sports Trainer
Staff Assistant
Staff Attorney
Staff Reporter
Staff Writer
Staffing Manager
Stage Technician
Stockroom Attendant
Store Manager
Store Planning Architectural
Story Editor/TV Writer
Story Teller/ Song Writer/ Theatre Artist
Strategic Alliance Business Leader
Strategic Learning & Development Specialist
Strategic Policy & Planning Advisor
Strategy & Finance Senior Consultant
Strengths & Conditioning Specialist
Student Activities Coordinator
Student Manager
Student Services Counselor
Study Skills Instructor
Substance Abuse Counselor
Substitute Teacher
Superior Court Judge
Supervisor Court Services
Supervisor Customer Service
Supervisory Survey Statistician
Supply Systems Analyst
Support Engineer
Support Teacher
Swimming Lesson Coordinator
Systems Analyst
Systems Coordinator
Systems Librarian
Systems Programmer Analyst
Systemwide Credential Analyst
Tax Admininistration Supervisor
Tax Administrator
Tax Analyst
Tax Service Specialist
Teach for America/Kindergarten
Teacher Coach Advisor
Teacher Educator
Teacher/Adult Education/ESL
Teaching Consultant
Technical Analyst
Technical Consultant
Technical Editor
Technical Marketing Engineer
Technical Publications Manager
Technical Secretary
Technical Services Librarian
Technical Specialist
Technical Support Representative
Technical Writer
Techniques & Standards Analyst
Technology Librarian
Technology Program Coordinator
Technology Trainer
Teen Materials Selector
Teen Service Coordinator
Teen Services Librarian
Testing Technician
Textbook Editor
Towing Vessel Captain
Training Coordinator
Training Manager
Training Specialist
Training Support
Transaction Analyst
Transit Operator
Transit Scheduler
Transportation Manager
Travel Coordinator
Truck Driver
TV Traffic Assistant
Underwriter/Construction Surety
Unit Supervisor
Urban Planner
User Analyst
User Experience Architect
User Experience Engineer
Vice President of University Relations
Venture Partner
Vice President
Vice President & Business Developer
Vice President and Commercial Banking Officer
Vice President Corporate Affairs
Vice President and Director of Operations
Vice President for Escrow Operations
Vice President for Mission and Ministry
Vice President in Collaboration Technologies
Vice President for National Accounts
Vice President of Client Services
Vice President of Communications
Vice President of Core Technologies
Vice President of Human Resources
Vice President of Instruction
Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
Vice President of Business Development
Vice President for Corporate Business Development
Vice President & Corporate Counsel
Vice President of Finance & Administration
Vice President & Income Property Loan Officer
Vice President of Interactive Services
Vice President of Market Development
Vice President of OTC Trading
Vice President of Product Management & Marketing
Vice President and Regional Retirement Director
Vice Principal
Video Game Producer
Visiting Prof of Old Testament
Visiting Professor
Visual Artist
Vocational Rehab Counselor
Volleyball Coach
Water Safety Instructor
Wealth Management Associate
Web Communications Specialist
Web Computing Specialist
Web Content Manager
Web Content Writer & Producer
Web Coordinator
Web Developer
Web Engineer
Web Information Specialist
Web Writer
Western Region Sales Manager
White House Counsel
Window Cleaner
Word Processor
Writing Teacher
Yoga Instructor
Youth Services Librarian