Career Resources at UW

The web is a great resource for locating career information, but you should not limit your career exploration activities to web resources, which leave out important components like networking, counseling, and interactive discussion, and which tend to treat some subjects in brief that are better dealt with in a more comprehensive format. Be sure to check out the many UW resources that are offered to undergraduate students.

Resources Available for UW Students and Alumni

Humanities Academic Services Center

A-2-B Padelford Hall

  • career counseling
  • the résumé, the cover letter, and the curriculum vitae (CV)
  • ENGL 491 Internships
  • preparing for graduate school
  • preparing for teaching careers

UW Career Center

134 Mary Gates Hall

  • career counseling
  • résumé workshops
  • mock interviews
  • employer résumé reviews
  • Navigating Career Options course (GEN ST 350)
  • career fairs
  • employer panels
  • letters of evaluation (LEO) files
  • listings of jobs and internships
  • special events

UW Alumni Association

Alumni House
1415 NE 45th Street

  • job search links
  • "Career Connections" - contact UW alumni in your intended career field for information and advice
  • post résumés on line
  • information on job search and career development
  • career mentorship program

UW's Carlson Leadership and Public Service Office

171 Mary Gates Hall

  • internships
  • service learning
  • leadership and public service scholarships
  • volunteer opportunities

UW Student Counseling Center

401 Schmitz Hall

  • career counseling (group or individual)
  • self assessment tests:  Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

On-Campus Career Fairs

(sponsored by the Center for Career Services, 124 Mary Gates Hall)

  • Liberal Arts, Sciences, & Business Fair (held in April)
  • Internships and Summer Jobs Fair (held in April)
  • Summer Career Fair (held in June)
  • Minority Career Fair (held in January)
  • Business Career Fair (held in October)

Navigating Career Options: GEN ST 350

(offered through the Center for Career Services)

  • a three-credit course - GEN ST 350 - an exploration of career options where you can learn how to navigate your course through the vast domain of job search strategies and career possibilities. Connect your academic experiences to your future career.

Student Organizations

  • mentorship opportunities
  • career activities/information
  • networking opportunities

English Faculty

  • general questions about career paths, especially academic career paths
  • mentoring

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

171 Mary Gates Hall

  • career counseling
  • workshops on How to Choose A Major and Investigate Careers

Washington Occupational Information System (WOIS)

This is an online career information site for Washington state.  UW subscribes to this service, so it is free to UW users from UW computers.

  • career information & outlooks
  • job profiles
  • salary information
  • self assessment tools
  • information about schools and training programs
  • links to current job listings