Certificated Teachers Seeking to Add an English Language Arts Teaching Endorsement

Getting Started:

Certificated teachers interested in completing an endorsement in English Language Arts, at the University of Washington should follow these steps:

1. Begin the process of adding an endorsement to a Washington teaching certificate by examining all programs available in Washington State.

2. If you have decided that the UW Seattle College of Education's Teacher Education Program is the right program for you, please consult their web site for Endorsement Pathways for Certified Teachers.

3. If you have questions about the process of adding an endorsement through the UW Seattle's College of Education, please contact edinfo@u.washington.edu or 206/543.1754.

4. Complete a brief self-evaluation exercise.

5. If you have determined that the University of Washington is the best place for you to pursue your English or English/Language Arts endorsement, match the UW's required endorsement course work in English Language Arts against your transcripts for course content and level;

Only after taking these preliminary steps should the teacher consult with the UW English Department about course requirements, availability of courses, the best process for taking the courses required, and seeking admission to UW.

To request an evaluation of your endorsement course work, please follow these steps:

If you are currently a UW student, you can see an undergraduate adviser in the Humanities Academic Services Center (HAS) during normal academic advising hours for endorsement questions. If you are a non UW student, you will contact Michael Nielsen at mnielsen@uw.edu.

1. Gather copies of from each college or university you attended. (Unofficial transcripts are acceptable, though we may, at some point in the process, ask you to provide official, sealed transcripts for verification purposes.);

2. Gather catalog course descriptions for all courses that may meet endorsement requirements (it is acceptable to submit descriptions from the institution's general course catalog or website if more detailed information is not available);

3. If a course's title does not make its content clear (e.g., "Shakespeare's Major Tragedies" is clear, whereas "Literature Seminar" is not specific enough), please gather syllabi, lecture schedules, or other detailed material to assist advisers in evaluating the specific content of English courses;

4. Compare the courses you've taken with the UW's required endorsement coursework in English Language Arts.

5. Prepare a cover letter that states your intent and provides us with contact information for you (e-mail, phone, mailing address);

6. Submit the materials above to HAS in person or by e-mail:

Submit in person:

Bring materials to A-2-B Padelford Hall. (Click here to view Padelford Hall on a UW campus map.) Enter Padelford from the southernmost front entrance, closest to Hall Health or the HUB. Go down two floors below Floor One to the Plaza Level (PL in the elevator or stairwell) and turn to your right for the entrance to A-2-B.

For open hours, visit the HAS website.

Submit by e-mail:

Send your materials in PDF format (please, no imaging or html files, as they can be difficult for us to read and print) to has-center@uw.edu.