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English Department Scholarships


Application Deadline for the 2024-25 academic school year is closed. 

English department scholarships are available to UW Seattle English majors enrolled as an undergraduate for two quarters by the application deadline. Scholarships are awarded by the English Department Undergraduate Education Committee and are announced before the end of Spring quarter. All current English majors are invited to apply.

Requirements (Please confirm with Humanities Advising Services (HAS) regarding GPA and credits before applying. Applicants will only be considered if requirements are fully met):

  • Be an officially declared English major
  • Have UW GPA of 3.5
  • Have UW English GPA of 3.7
  • Have a minimum of 10 credits of UW English course work completed by the end of Winter Quarter. 
  • One letter of recommendation from an English department faculty member.
  • During the term of the scholarship, recipients must enroll in a minimum of 6 undergraduate credits each quarter while attending classes on the UW Seattle campus.

Application process:

  • Fill out the English Department Undergraduate Scholarship application here: 
  • Please note, to complete your application for English Department Undergraduate Scholarships you will need to provide:
    • a short (250 word) biography. The biography should convey a sense of who you are: perhaps how you came to attend the UW; what shaped your life leading up to school, what continues to do so, as well as your plans for the future. The biography must be submitted in Word format, with your name removed from all pages. No PDFs accepted.
    • a paper you consider to be your best work in an undergraduate UW Seattle English course. The paper must be submitted in Word Format, with your name removed from all pages. No PDFs accepted.
    • The name of the English Department instructor endorsing your scholarship application.

Some scholarships have additional requirements as noted below. 

Eilert Anderson Endowed Fund - $3,500 Additional requirement: demonstrated financial need

Edward G. Cox Scholarship Fund - $250

Argentina Daley Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Students - $1,000

Dave and Joan Empfield Endowed Scholarship - $6000

Gamma Phi Beta - Winnifred S. Haggett Scholarship - $4,500 Additional requirement: demonstrated financial need.

Robert B. Heilman Endowed Scholarship - $650

Kollar Endowed Scholarship - $3,400, Additional requirement: must be pursuing a career as a K-12 teacher.

Charles H. Krysieniel Endowed Scholarship in LGBT Studies - $1,600, additional requirement: possesses interest or plays an active role in LGBT communities through academic studies, life experience, or participation in the University of Washington's Q Center

Roger Sale Endowed Fund - $4,300 Additional requirement: Student must be employed with preference to students working full time.

Peter L. Thorpe Endowed Scholarship Fund - $3,000  

Tia Vall-Spinosa Sullivan Endowed Scholarship - $4,500

Lucky Budd Waller Scholarship Fund - $6,000

John Kimball Woolley and Afton Woolley Crooks Endowed Scholarship - $6,000. Additional requirement: demonstrated financial need.

For more information, please contact Annee Fisher in the English Department

Applications for undergraduate Creative Writing prizes are available on the Creative Writing page

updated 4/5/2023

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