Prospective Graduate Students FAQ

Do I need GRE General Test and Subject Test scores when I apply?

You only need the GRE General Test scores. The Subject Test is not required.

Is there a cut-off score for the GRE?

No. However, successful applicants usually have a verbal score in the 70th-90th percentile. We do not place emphasis on the math score.

Do my letters of recommendation have to be from college professors?

The most useful letters of recommendation come from college professors familiar with your work as a student. Letters from employers may be helpful if your work was directly related to writing or teaching.

Is there a foreign language requirement?

Each program has a different requirement (see program requirements), to be completed before graduation. You do not have to satisfy the language requirement before you apply.

How large are the graduate seminars?

The limit is 15 students, but class size is usually about 7-8 students.

If I am accepted, can I defer my entrance into the program?

Occasionally, under special circumstances, students who are admitted for Autumn quarter may defer their entry until Winter or Spring quarter. It is not possible to defer entry until the following Autumn, and there are no rolling admissions.

Can I transfer credits from another graduate school?

Five credits from another MA program can transfer toward the 40 required credits for the MA degree.

Up to 30 credits from your MA degree may be counted toward the 75 required PhD credits upon approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.

What language tests do you accept?

We accept the TOEFL exam, but not the IELTS. Please see our international student page for more information.