Expository Writing Program Awarded Certificate of Excellence

Submitted by Anis Bawarshi on

The English department's Expository Writing Program has been awarded a 2019-2020 Certificate of Excellence from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. This is a major national recognition and a well-deserved tribute to the remarkable work that EWP director Candice Rai and the EWP associate directors and mentors (Elizabeth Simmons O'Neill, Kimberlee Gillis Bridges, Michelle Liu, Jake Huebsch, and the assistant directors, along with Nancy Bou Ayash) have done over the last six years.  A number of faculty over the years have also played a role in shaping EWP into a program that can be recognized like this, including previous EWP directors John Webster, Gail Stygall, Juan Guerra, and Anis Bawarshi.

For more information, read the press release.