CIC Faculty Guide

The CIC Faculty Guide Online provides an introduction to technology-based pedagogy. The "CIC Basics" pages discuss how to design a computer-integrated courseadapt your current syllabus for CIC, and use program resources to support your teaching.  The "Teaching with CIC Resources" section reviews options for using Word at all stages of the writing process, incorporating PowerPoint into course activities, designing online research assignments, and using eportfolios created with Google Sites or Canvas.

"Teaching with Online Tools" provides instructions for using various components of the Canvas learning management system--from creating syllabi, assignments and resource pages or files to assigning peer reviews and eportoflios to grading.  It also contains resources on developing assignments that ask students to do online publication, like assigning web projects

Although we include technical instructions for creating class materials and setting up online tools, we focus on pedagogy, for educational technology is useful only as it helps you and your students acheive specific teaching and learning goals.

In CIC, we are continually exploring ways to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning. We hope that you will make your experiences in the classroom part of the program’s ongoing development. We welcome your insights both concerning successful and unsuccessful strategies in the computer-integrated classroom.

Many of our Multimodal Composition courses are connected to CIC lab space.  You can find more specific teaching resources for ENGL 182 on the corresponding teaching resources course page.