2019 UWHS 131 Orientation Materials

UWHS 131 Orientation

Welcome to the ENGL 131 training website! Below are the materials we ask you to peruse prior to the May 17-18 training. We ask, especially, that you read the ENGL 131 Portfolio and spend a bit of time (but no more than an hour) using the rubric to give it a tentative grade. We'll norm the portfolio together at the training. 

Training Details:  

Friday May 17 (New teachers only!)
12 pm to 4:00 pm
Miller Hall, Room 112
Boxed lunches will be provided.

Saturday May 18 (All teachers!)
9 am to 4:30 pm
HUB, Room 334
Buffet lunch provided (Room 332)

Parking: Central Plaza Garage


Sample 131 portfolio (form norming session): Portfolio

EWP Outcomes

Grading Rubric

Additionally, please read the following short texts (all three can be found in the EWP textbook writer/thinker/maker): Cabral’s “131 Course Syllabus” (p. 468), Loewen’s “Handicapped by History: The Process of Hero-Making” (p. 594), and Tan’s “Mother Tongue” (p. 710). We will use these texts in our discussion of sequence-building. 

Map and Parking

Free parking will be provided on both days in the Central Parking Garage, which can be accessed at 15th
Avenue NE and NE 41st Street. A map that shows both garage locations, as well as the meeting room
locations is attached. When you enter the garage you will need to tell the attendant that you have
parking arranged under, “UWHS.” A full campus map can be viewed here:

What to Bring 

Please bring a copy of the textbook with you to the training and (if possible) a laptop to use during the training. Additionally, be sure that you have your UW NetID and password with you so as to access the WiFi network. If you don’t have your own UW NetID, login information will be provided at the training.

We look forward to seeing you at the training!

 Portfolio Overview


Resources referenced in Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill's introductory talk:

Sample Assignment Sequences

Resources referenced in David Vinson's diversity and equity presentation:

Resources referenced in Heidi Little and Jennifer Kink's Writers' Workshop presentation:

Resources referenced in Laurie Chesley's UWHS and STEM presentation:

Other resources: