UWHS Sample Teaching Materials

Sample Syllabi 

Below are sample syllabi from various UWHS teachers. For contact information, email one of the UWHS English liaisons. 

Sample Syllabus (Heidi Little and Jennifer Kink)

Sample Syllabus (Emily Ehrlich)

Sample Syllabus (Rachelle Horner)

Sample Calendar (Rachelle Horner)

Sample Sequences 

Below are examples of sequences from various UWHS teachers. For contact information, email one of the UWHS English liaisons. 

UWHS Instructor Sequences

131 Sample Sequence (Rachelle Horner)

Sample Sequence: Language and Identity (Stephanie King)

131 Sample Sequence: Race and Pop Culture (Jennifer Kink and Heidi Little)

111 Sample Sequence: Native Literature/Multimodality (Eric Lynch)

131 Sample Sequence and Calendar, Technology (Updated) (Kirsten Anderson)

Sample Sequence 1 (Emily Ehrlich)

Sample Sequence 2 (Emily Ehrlich)

UW (On-Campus) Sequences

131 Sequence 1 (Race in America, Kathleen Reeves)

131 Sequence 2 (Pop Culture, Research Sequence, Alycia Gilbert)

111 Sequence (Native Literatures, Lydia Heberling)

111 Sequence (Dracula/Monsters, Alycia Gilbert)

111 Sequence (Taboo, Alex Smith)

Lesson Plans, Activities, Prompts, Handouts

The following collection of resources is designed to help you teach students the skills necessary for composition.

Race and Pop Culture PPTs 1 and 2 (for use with Kink/Little sequence above)

- Materials Organized by Topic

a note on borrowing materials: These materials are yours to draw from, so please don't hesitate to adapt these documents for your course in whatever ways you wish. 

a note on contributing materials: This resource is designed to be dynamic, to be updated and augmented over time. If you have documents or preferred practices that aren't represented here that you'd like to contribute, please send them to Kathleen Reeves (kreeves2@uw.edu). Thanks in advance for helping us continue to improve this resource!

a note on accessing EWP materials: Remember, the resources on this page are created exclusively by UWHS teachers. The EWP website also contains an archive of resources created by EWP writing instructors on campus. Be sure to explore both archives for a range of lesson plans, activities, and handouts.