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ENGL 506 A: Modern And Contemporary Critical Theory

Modern & Contemporary Critical Theory

Meeting Time: 
MW 11:30am - 1:20pm
SMI 109
Professor Harkins in front of bookshelf
Gillian Harkins

Additional Details:

This course provides a general introduction to graduate study in English. Together we will review the making and unmaking of “English” as a discipline, focusing in particular on the rise of professional literary criticism and its relationship to continental philosophy, cultural studies, and critical theory. Course materials will include a range of theoretical and critical writing about the following key topics: language, literature, culture, aesthetics, political economy, racial formation, gender, sexuality, nation, empire, and the university.

Required texts will be available on-line.

Catalog Description: 
Engages ongoing critical conversations that inform English studies, including: language, textual production, disciplinarity, the university, capital, nation formation, postcolonialism, the environment, race, gender, class, and sexuality. The historical focus is contemporary, with attention to foundational modern theorists.
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