ENGL 484 A: Advanced Prose Workshop

Meeting Time: 
MW 9:30am - 10:50am
PAR 212
Maya Sonenberg
Maya Sonenberg

Syllabus Description:

This advanced workshop asks you to draw on your motivations for writing, your sources of creativity, and your ability to sympathetically and critically read the work of others in order to take your own literary prose to the next level. Over the quarter, you will write two longish stories or literary essays, carefully read and comment on your classmates’ writing, and prepare a paper on a story or essay you love. You may choose to revise ONE of your stories but MUST consult with me first.The focus of the class will be YOUR writing, and I’m giving you pretty free reign in terms of the style and content of your work (with a few provisos—please see course home page for details).

Reading assignments will be updated as students sign up for workshop slots.

Stories/essays to be workshopped will always be due by 12:30 pm the Friday before the workshop.

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Maya Sonenberg
ENGL 484A: Advanced Prose Workshop
Spring 2015

Course Description

This advanced prose writing class focus on workshopping your short stories or literary essays. You may write either fiction or creative nonfiction for this class, but be prepared to write two stories or essays (10-15 pages each), revise one of them, and do a presentation on a short story or essay that you love. You will also be expected to write comments on your classmates’ work and to participate deeply in every class discussion.
I will expect you to arrive in class the first day with a story or essay well underway.

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Intensive prose workshop. Emphasis on the production and discussion of student fiction and/or creative nonfiction. Prerequisite: ENGL 383; ENGL 384.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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