ENGL 491 B: Internship

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Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill
Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill

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In English 491B (C/NC; 1-3 credits) you put what you learn on campus into action, volunteering (4-5 hours a week, on a schedule you arrange) at one of our partner public schools. English 491B will appear on your transcript as an internship. English 491 may be used toward the field work requirement or as an elective in the Education, Learning and Society Minor, and provides documentation of school-based experience needed for application to Teacher Education programs.

For add codes and with questions: contact Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill, esoneill@uw.edu

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Supervised experience in local businesses and other agencies. Open only to upper-division English majors. Credit/no-credit only.
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Service Learning
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March 16, 2016 - 11:20am