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ENGL 574 A: Research Methods In Second-Language Acquisition

Research Methods on 2nd Language Acquisition

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TTh 10:30am - 12:20pm
PAB B101
Suhanthie Motha
Suhanthie Motha

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This course aims to familiarize students with a variety of research methods in the fields of applied linguistics and TESOL, examining epistemologies, and the strengths, and weaknesses of various approaches. Students will draw on knowledge generated in the context of the class to conduct a small piece of original research. In addition, they will read and critique selected research in second language acquisition and become more sophisticated “consumers” of research in our field. By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the basic principles behind academic research. They will become familiar with a variety of research methodologies in applied linguistics with a special focus on qualitative research methodologies. Students will become aware of the various parts of academic research papers. They will be able to understand the rigor required of good research but also the messiness involved in the research process. They will know how to search for the relevant literature on a given topic and write a literature review. They will become more informed consumers of research. A salient aspect of the course is to provide students with practical experience in developing research questions, designing a study, finding research participants, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up a report. Students will ultimately be able to have an original piece of research.

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Prerequisite: ENGL 572, LING 449, or permission of instructor.
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