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Student Research Profile: Alejandro Guardado

Alejandro Guardado
Alejandro Guardado, BA 2013
Student Research Profile: Alejandro Guardado

In 2007, filmmaker and journalist Christopher Redmond co-founded the Burundi Film Center in eastern Africa. This non-profit organization allows Burundian filmmakers and other citizens to engage with cinematic art forms and communicate their culture through film. Furthermore, the BFC opens avenues for Burundian artists to explore the significance of some cultural themes, such as family relationships and sexuality, in their works. My research focuses on the cultural themes presented in these films as they arise from a perspective on war and trauma. A close reading of these films requires a careful and critical analysis of the narrative and imagery onscreen. This method allows me to analyze each film with a focus on particular images, dialogue, and narrative elements. My close readings of these films aim to offer explanations and conclusions on how war and trauma inform these cultural productions. This methodology benefits my research because the subject of war and trauma is not always overt in these films. Theoretical works that inform my analyses come from Judith Butler’s work on vulnerability and affect, and David Eng and David Kazanjian’s work on mourning. I analyze these texts in relation to the BFC student films that I discuss in my research. To conclude my research, I offer a thorough discussion and explanation of how these cultural productions contribute to Hutu-Tutsi cultures and to the nation of Burundi. Specifically, I aim to provide insight on the implications of film-making practices in Third World countries.

BA in English: Creative Writing, 2013
Magna Cum Laude
UW English Department Honors
Now pursuing graduate work in film at the USC School of Cinematic Arts beginning spring 2014

Honors & Awards:

  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar 2012-13
  • Academic Excellence Award 2012
  • Annual Dean's List


  • "Cinema of Loss: Exploring the Role of War and Trauma in Burundian Films," UW Undergraduate Research Symposium, Seattle, May 2013
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