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Masters Essays

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Jiang, Yixuan. “‘Dark Almost as If It Came from the Devil:’ The Relationship between Heathcliff’s Racialization and His Satanic Portrayal in Wuthering Heights.” University of Washington, 2022. Graduate, Masters Essays 19th Century, British, Race and Ethnicity
Chavez, Micaela. (2022). “'Judge whether she is worth a regret!': The Role of Remorse in the Judgment of Victorian Fallen Women." [Unpublished] Master's Essay, University of Washington. Graduate, Masters Essays 19th Century, British, Novel/Prose Fiction, Popular Culture
Lenk, Jerico. Rearranging the Room: An Adaptation of Jane Eyre with Afterword. 2022. University of Washington, Master of Fine Arts critical thesis.   Graduate, Masters Essays 19th Century, Creative Writing, English, Gender, Literary Criticism, Literature, Queer Studies, Sexuality
Lenk, Jerico. happy russians (& other fairy tales), 2022. University of Washington, Master of Fine Arts creative thesis. Projects, Graduate, Masters Essays Creative Writing, English, Experimental, Gender, Literature, Novel/Prose Fiction, Poetry and Poetics, Queer Studies, Sexuality
Duncan, Anne. "Signs of Life: Redirected Language as Reparative Approach to the American Canon in Hymn for the Black Terrific," MA Essay, Department of English, University of Washington, March 2022. Graduate, Masters Essays 21st Century, Affect, African American, American, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Genre Theory, History, Intellectual History, Literature, Poetry and Poetics
Hardison, Brian Christopher. "Glossing the Past: The Pedagogical Context of the Gildasian Glosses Preserved in the Corpus Glossary (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 144)," unpub. MPhil dissertation, University of Cambridge, 2013 Graduate, Masters Essays Medieval