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Alejandro (Alex) Guardado, "Cinema of Loss: Exploring the Role of War and Trauma in Burundian Films," 2013. Undergraduate, Symposia Film/Cinema
Alexander Catchings, "Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: The Integrated Audience's Gaze on Black Performance," 2013. Undergraduate, Symposia African American
Alexander Catchings, "Pastiche and Humor in the Neo-Slave Narrative," 2012. Undergraduate, Symposia African American
Alexandra Deem, "The Black Cook and the Tin Drum: Intimate Ethics in Literature," 2014. Undergraduate, Symposia Literature
Anne-Cecile (Lorelai) Germain, "The Controversy of the Tea Party in Contemporary American Culture in Light of Dissent Theories of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia American
Anthea Piong, "Education Reform in a Results-Oriented Society," 2013. Undergraduate, Symposia Education
Arista Burwell-Chen, "How to Be a Good Ally: A Guide to Dismantling Colorblindness, White Normativity, and Everyday Racism without Erasing Oppressed Voices," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Race and Ethnicity, Critical Race Theory
Brandon Weaver, "No Pain No Gain; Violence and a Critique of American Identity in Contemporary Cinematic Incarnations of the Western," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia American, Film/Cinema
Brandon Weaver, "Visual Violence: Deconstructing the Romani Myth in Three Films of Tony Gatlif," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia Global Studies
Brian Hardison, "Contexts of Colonization: The Literary-Historical Treatment of the Anglo-Saxon Settlement," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia History
Cali Kopczick, "Complicating Professional Development: A Tutor-Driven Approach to Professionalization in the Writing Center," 2014. Undergraduate, Symposia Writing Pedagogy
Charlie Jones, "Is the Swan Actually Dying?: Close-Reading Ballet for Detrimental Influences of Commercialization," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Critical Theory
Christina Bleu, Katherine Lee, "The Korean Lexicon," 2015 Undergraduate, Symposia Linguistics, Language
Christopher (Chance) Campbell, "Formal Mimicry as Literary Genre Art: Signs of Performative Authorship in Darko Vukovic's 'Closings' and Katarina Grgic's 'Early April'," 2013. Undergraduate, Symposia Genre Theory
Dandi Meng, "After All This Becomes Lit': Becoming and Performativity in Contemporary English-Language Native Poetry," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Language, Poetry and Poetics
Dandi Meng, "Aura in Photographic Reproductions of the Didarganj Yakshi," 2014. Undergraduate, Symposia Media Studies
Danielle Gintz, "Re-Membering Time: Reimagining Deleuzian Memory through Literature and Theoretical Physics," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Literature
Elizabeth ("Eliza") Wu, "American Mythology: The Intersection of Shakespeare and the Asian American Body Onstage," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia American, Shakespeare, Asian American
Ella (Sonja) West, "An Analysis of First Person Narratives by Women Political Prisoners in Apartheid South Africa," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia African, Women Writers
Emily Pierce, "A Qualitative Study of Teachers' Perspectives on Family Literacy Practices: Discovering the Outcomes for Literacy Learning of Children from Diverse Demographic Backgrounds," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Race and Ethnicity
Hilary Bowen, "Dance with Horses," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Performance Studies
Hyungbin Kang, "The Sea Wolf: A Naturalist Novel?" 2014. Undergraduate, Symposia Literature
Jeremy Goheen, "But Will I Be a Man?' The Masculinity Strategy in Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke," 2013. Undergraduate, Symposia Gender
Jessica Jungwirth, "Tutors as Participant Researchers: How English Language Learners (ELLs) Taught Us Better Ways to Support Writing and Learning," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia Pedagogy
Jinny Park, "The Ideal Soldier': Masculinity in the Military and Sexually Assaulted Female Soldiers," 2015. Undergraduate, Symposia Gender, Sexuality