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Sarah St Albin, "The Fallibility of Post-Enlightenment Virtue in Matthew G. Lewis’ The Monk," 2013.

Symposia Literature

Jordan Augustine, "NSFW: The Subversive Cultural Logic of Anonymous Online Culture," 2013.

Symposia Culture, Digital Humanities

Christopher (Chance) Campbell, "Formal Mimicry as Literary Genre Art: Signs of Performative Authorship in Darko Vukovic's 'Closings' and Katarina Grgic's 'Early April'," 2013.

Symposia Genre Theory

Alexander Catchings, "Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: The Integrated Audience's Gaze on Black Performance," 2013.

Symposia African American

Jeremy Goheen, "But Will I Be a Man?' The Masculinity Strategy in Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke," 2013.

Symposia Gender

Alejandro (Alex) Guardado, "Cinema of Loss: Exploring the Role of War and Trauma in Burundian Films," 2013.

Symposia Film/Cinema

Kali Swenson, "Imagining a Novel Nation: The Indian English Novel and the Indian Independence Movement," 2013.

Symposia Literature, Culture

Jon Volkman, "Through the Eyes of the Mongoose: The Intent of Audience," 2012.


Melanya Materne, "Literature in the Common Core State Standards: A Critique," 2012.

Symposia Education

Stephanie Whitney, "Exploring the International Student Experience: Improving the University's Response to a Changing Student Population," 2012.

Symposia Education

Alexander Catchings, "Pastiche and Humor in the Neo-Slave Narrative," 2012.

Symposia African American

Sher-Min Yang, "The Literature of Sexuality: Evolving British Attitudes through the Later 20th Century into Contemporary Times," 2012.

Symposia Sexuality, 20th Century

Merzamie (Mimi) Cagaitan, "Soft Slips of Flesh: The Female Body as a Place of Sexual Violence and Site of Economic, Social, and Cultural Exchanges," 2012.

Symposia Sexuality, Feminism and Feminist Theory

Sarah Poppe, "Circles within Circles: George Herbert’s Poems around Poems, ad infinitum," 2012.

Symposia Poetry and Poetics

Brandon Weaver, "Visual Violence: Deconstructing the Romani Myth in Three Films of Tony Gatlif," 2011.

Symposia Global Studies

Michelle Kwon, "Imperial Profiling: Reading Western Figurations of 'Global' Citizenship through Egypt's 'Facebook Revolution'," 2011.

Symposia Digital Humanities

Brian Hardison, "Contexts of Colonization: The Literary-Historical Treatment of the Anglo-Saxon Settlement," 2011.

Symposia History

Jessica Jungwirth, "Tutors as Participant Researchers: How English Language Learners (ELLs) Taught Us Better Ways to Support Writing and Learning," 2011.

Symposia Pedagogy

Anne-Cecile (Lorelai) Germain, "The Controversy of the Tea Party in Contemporary American Culture in Light of Dissent Theories of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn," 2011.

Symposia American

Joseph Frantz, "Donald Justice and New Formalist Poetry," 2011.

Symposia Poetry and Poetics

Kenneth Yuen, "Meaning, Metaphor, and Linguistic Indeterminacy," 2011.

Symposia Linguistics

Jonathan Armoza, "From France to Arcadia to Louisiana: An Examination of 'Civilizing Discourse' and Materialism in Acadian-Cajun Folk Tales," 2011.

Symposia Comparative Literature

Sarah Poppe, "The Literary Body: Modernist Experiments with Object and Image," 2011.

Symposia Modernism