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Priti Sandhu’s vignette.

Sandhu, P. (2016). Priti Sandhu’s vignette. In S. Mann, The Research Interview: Reflective  Practice and Reflexivity in Research Processes, (pp. 139-143). Basingstoke, HA: Palgrave Macmillan.

In this short discussion I showcase how a detailed transcription of the initial minutes of an interview combined with a Conversation Analysis of these lines revealed significant insights related to identity and culture construction. My intention is to highlight the necessity of treating interview data as a 'speech event' (Talmy, 2010) rather than as a direct access to the ‘true’ feelings, attitudes, beliefs, etc. of respondents (Mann; 2011; Talmy, 2010, 2011; Talmy & Richards, 2011; Roulston, 2010).

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