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Cornell, Caleigh and Lydia Heberling. "The Politics of Play: Surfing as a Trans-Indigenous Expression of Thrivance." BoarderX : Winnipeg Art Gallery,,article/7/the-politics-of-play-surfing-as-a-trans-indigenous-expression-of-thrivance.  Publications, Essays and Articles Aesthetics, American Indian/Native American, Indigenous, Oceanic, Space/Place
Shivers-McNair, Ann, and Clarissa San Diego. “Localizing Communities, Goals, Communication, and Diversity: A Collaborative Approach.” Technical Communication 64.2 (Forthcoming May 2017). Publications, Essays and Articles Rhetoric and Composition
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Bauer, Meri. “Letter to the Global Reader: African Fictions of Circulation.” Forthcoming in Papers on Language and Literature (Winter 2017). Publications, Essays and Articles African, Comparative Literature
“The Real of the Rabble: Žižek and the Historical Truth of the Hegelo-Lacanian Dialectic.” Continental Philosophy Review (2017). Publications, Essays and Articles Philosophy
"The Ubiquity of Strange Frontiers: Minor Eschatology in Richard Powers's The Echo Maker." Transatlantica 16.2 (2017). Publications, Essays and Articles Psychology
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"The Animated Esperanto: The Globalist Vision in the Films of Sandor Reisenbuchler." animation: an interdisciplinary journal. vol. 11, no. 1, March 2016, pp. 92-107.  Publications, Essays and Articles Film/Cinema
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