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Short Title People Involved Research Type Related Fields
Alys Eve Weinbaum.  The Afterlife of Reproductive Slavery:  Biocapitalism and Black Feminism's Philosophy of History (2019) Alys Eve Weinbaum Publications, Books African American, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Science and Technology, Women Writers
"Conscientious Thinking: Making Sense in an Age of Idiot Savants" (2017) David Bosworth Publications, Books 17th Century, 21st Century, Aesthetics, American, Communication, History, Media Studies, Nonfiction Prose, Postmodern
Neocitizenship: Political Culture After Democracy (2017) Eva Cherniavsky Publications, Books 20th Century, 21st Century, Popular Culture
A Lesser Love (2017) E. J. Koh Publications, Books Culture, Diaspora Studies, History, Literature, Multilingualism, Poetry and Poetics, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational
Masters of the Revels   (2016) William Streitberger Publications, Books 16th Century, 17th Century, Drama, History, Shakespeare
Democracy's Lot: Rhetoric, Publics, and the Places of Invention (2016) Candice Rai Publications, Books Publics/Public Spheres, Rhetorical Theory, Space/Place, Urban Studies, Visual Culture
Studies in the History of the English Language VII (2016) Colette Moore Publications, Books History of the English Language, Language, Linguistics
Democracy's Lot: Rhetoric, Publics, and The Places of Invention (2016) Publications, Books Publics/Public Spheres, Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, Space/Place, Urban Studies
The Sound of Culture. (2016) Louis Chude-Sokei Publications, Books 20th Century, African American, Caribbean, Critical Race Theory, Diaspora Studies, Film/Cinema, Music, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, Science Fiction
Nation and Migration (2016) Juliet Shields Publications, Books 18th Century, 19th Century, American, American Indian/Native American, British, Canadian, Diaspora Studies, Literature, Transatlantic
The Sky of Our Manufacture: The London Fog in British Fiction from Dickens to Woolf (2016) Jesse Oak Taylor Publications, Books 19th Century, 20th Century, British, Ecocriticism, Environment, Literature, Novel/Prose Fiction, Science and Technology, Urban Studies
Blood Memory (2016) Colleen McElroy Publications, Books, Short Stories and Poems Creative Writing, Poetry and Poetics
That Thing You Do With Your Mouth (2015) Publications, Books Sexuality
War Is Beautiful (2015) Publications, Books Media Studies
26 Abductions (2015) Maya Sonenberg Publications, Books Creative Writing, Novel/Prose Fiction
Jews against Themselves. (2015) Edward Alexander Publications, Books Jewish Studies
The Craft of Poetry: Dialogues on Minimal Interpretation (2015) Henry Staten Publications, Books Poetry and Poetics
Life is Short—Art is Shorter (2015) David Shields Publications, Books Nonfiction Prose
"The Demise of Virtue in Virtual America" (2014) David Bosworth Publications, Books 20th Century, 21st Century, American, Culture, History, Media Studies, Nonfiction Prose
Twos (2014) Emma Aylor Publications, Books Creative Writing
Twos (Dancing Girl Press, 2014) (2014) Publications, Books Poetry and Poetics
The Demise of Virtue in Virtual America: The Moral Origins of the Great Recession  (2014) Publications, Books 17th Century, 20th Century, 21st Century, American, History, Modernism
Race, Empire, and English Language Teaching (2014) Suhanthie Motha Publications, Books Applied Linguistics
Roget’s Illusion (2014) Linda Bierds Publications, Books Poetry and Poetics
Spirit Becomes Matter: the Brontes, George Eliot, Nietzsche (2014) Henry Staten Publications, Books Philosophy, Literature, British