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Race and Empire in English Language Teaching
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Short Title People Involved Research Type Related Fields
 "Epilepsy and The Gift: Van Gogh's and Whitman's Starry Nights"  (2019) Publications, Essays and Articles 19th Century, American, Art History, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Literary Criticism, Transatlantic
On the Road, Between Tocqueville and Baudrillard (2018) Publications, Essays and Articles 19th Century
Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber. (2018) Louis Chude-Sokei Publications, Books 20th Century, 21st Century, African, African American, Caribbean, Diaspora Studies, Literature, Music, New Media, Science Fiction
The Art of Extraction and Preservation (2017) Publications, Essays and Articles 19th Century
“Artifact or Artifice? The Epistolary Image of Mary Hays.”  (2017) Sarah Faulkner Publications, Book Chapters 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, British, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Literature, Romanticism, Textual Studies, Women Writers
Localizing Communities, Goals, Communication, and Diversity: A Collaborative Approach (2017) Publications, Essays and Articles Rhetoric and Composition
“Letter to the Global Reader: African Fictions of Circulation” (2017) Publications, Essays and Articles African, Comparative Literature
The Real of the Rabble (2017) Publications, Essays and Articles Philosophy
"The Quotation in Question" (2017) Jessica Burstein Publications Intellectual History, Nonfiction Prose, Writing in the Disciplines
“Performing Rhetorical Analysis”, Context for Inquiry: A Guide to Research and Writing, 2nd edition, ed. Stephanie Hankinson, AJ Burgin, Candice Rai, Bedford/St. Martin 2017. [forthcoming]  (2017) Publications, Book Chapters Expository Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Pedagogy
Other People: A Remix (2017) David Shields Publications, Books Novel/Prose Fiction
Caroyln Finney. Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors (2016) Stephanie Hankinson Publications, Reviews African American, Environment, Space/Place
Neocitizenship: Political Culture after Democracy (New York University Press, forthcoming 2016). (2016) Publications, Books 20th Century, American, Media Studies
Postmonolingual Language Representations (2016) Nancy Bou Ayash Publications, Essays and Articles Global English, Ideology, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Pedagogy
Bodies, Space, and Theater (2016) Publications, Book Chapters Film/Cinema
Immanence (2016) Publications, Book Chapters Intellectual History
“Accounting for Genre Performances: Why Uptake Matters.” (2016) Anis Bawarshi Publications, Book Chapters Genre Theory, Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetorical Theory, Writing Systems

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Short Title People Involved Research Type Related Fields
“Adapting Natural Disaster: The Problem of Magical Realism in Beasts of the Southern Wild” (2016) Stephanie Hankinson Publications, Book Chapters African American, Ecocriticism, Environment, Film/Cinema, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History