Anthropocene Reading Cover
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Short Title People Involved Research Type Related Fields
Dark Artistry in The Island of Doctor Moreau. (2016) Sarah Faulkner Publications, Book Chapters 19th Century, English, Literary Criticism, Literature, Science Fiction
“The Universe in Perspective, Commentator, and The Birth of a Masterpiece by Yu Kwang-Chung.” (2016) Publications, Translations 20th Century, Poetry and Poetics, Translation and Interpretation
Evolution of Urban Mapping (2016) Navid Ebrahimzadeh Publications, Book Chapters Modernism
Korean translation of Dispossession: The Performative in the Political (2016) Ungsan Kim Publications, Translations Gender, Ideology, Political Science, Publics/Public Spheres, Queer Studies, Translation and Interpretation
Democracy's Lot: Rhetoric, Publics, and the Places of Invention (2016) Candice Rai Publications, Books Publics/Public Spheres, Rhetorical Theory, Space/Place, Urban Studies, Visual Culture
Anthropocene Inscriptions: Reading Global Synchrony (2016) Jesse Oak Taylor Publications, Essays and Articles 19th Century, Environment, History, Science and Technology
Review of Some Kinds of Childhood: Images of History and Resistance in Zimbabwean Literature by Robert Muponde (2016) Publications, Reviews African, Literature, Nationalism
Beyond Access: College Programs in Prison and Transforming Education (2016) Gillian Harkins Publications, Essays and Articles American
Lost Sociality of Skin: Security and the Pedophilic Function (2016) Gillian Harkins Publications, Essays and Articles American
With Erica R. Meiners, “Teaching Publics in the American Penalscape,” American Quarterly 68.2 (June 2016): 405-408. (2016) Publications 21st Century, Public Scholarship
Teaching Publics in the American Penalscape (2016) Gillian Harkins Publications, Essays and Articles 21st Century, Public Scholarship
Studies in the History of the English Language VII (2016) Colette Moore Publications, Books History of the English Language, Language, Linguistics
Idea Eater: The Conceptual Lyric as an Emergent Literary Form (2016) Brian Reed Publications, Essays and Articles 21st Century, Literary Criticism, Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Postmodern
In Praise of Theatre (2016) Publications, Reviews Theater History
Democracy's Lot: Rhetoric, Publics, and The Places of Invention (2016) Publications, Books Publics/Public Spheres, Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, Space/Place, Urban Studies
K. Merinda Simmons. Changing the Subject: Writing Women Across the African Diaspora for Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 35.1. (2016) Stephanie Hankinson Publications, Reviews African American, Diaspora Studies, Literature, Transatlantic, Transnational
Apocalyptic Sentimentalism (2016) Publications, Reviews American
The Sound of Culture. (2016) Louis Chude-Sokei Publications, Books 20th Century, African American, Caribbean, Critical Race Theory, Diaspora Studies, Film/Cinema, Music, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, Science Fiction
Nation and Migration (2016) Juliet Shields Publications, Books 18th Century, 19th Century, American, American Indian/Native American, British, Canadian, Diaspora Studies, Literature, Transatlantic
Seventh (2016) Maya Sonenberg Publications, Short Stories and Poems Novel/Prose Fiction
"How Humans Use Dead Animals," Fairy Tale Review (2016) Rachel Edelman Publications, Short Stories and Poems Ecocriticism, Environment, Poetry and Poetics
Everyday English in late medieval England (2016) Colette Moore Publications, Essays and Articles Language, Medieval, Middle English
“Words, Meanings, and Readings: Reconstructing the Use of Gildas’s De Excidio Britanniae at the Canterbury School” (2016) Brian Hardison Publications, Essays and Articles Medieval, Pedagogy, Textual Studies
The Sky of Our Manufacture: The London Fog in British Fiction from Dickens to Woolf (2016) Jesse Oak Taylor Publications, Books 19th Century, 20th Century, British, Ecocriticism, Environment, Literature, Novel/Prose Fiction, Science and Technology, Urban Studies
Blood Memory (2016) Colleen McElroy Publications, Books, Short Stories and Poems Creative Writing, Poetry and Poetics