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Jonathan Armoza
Robin Jeffrey
Noah Lee-Engel
Brian Hardison
Samuel Pizelo
Salwa Tabassum Hoque

Research - Undergraduate


Author/Title Research Type Related Fields

Nicholas Alexander Weber. Victorian Normalization and Willful Exile: Biopower and the bildungsroman in the works of Charles Dickens. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2014.

Honors Theses 19th Century

Ian Russell Cunningham. The War Will Be Televised: Racial Profiling and the War on Drugs in Breaking Bad. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2014.

Honors Theses Race and Ethnicity

Cali Rose Kopczick. Translation as History-Writing: Disrupting Linearity Come Hell and High Water. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2014.

Honors Theses Translation and Interpretation

Natalie Ann White. How attached are we to technology? : An examination of the technological culture in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake and its subversion of the nature-culture paradox. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2014.

Honors Theses Science and Technology
Student Research Profile: William Connor Smith Independent Research Culture, Film/Cinema, Narrative Analysis, Novel/Prose Fiction, Popular Culture, War and Terror
Student Research Profile: Samuel Pizelo Independent Research 19th Century, American, Critical Theory, Literature, Science and Technology, Visual Culture
Student Research Profile: Salwa Tabassum Hoque Independent Research 20th Century, 21st Century, Narrative Analysis, Novel/Prose Fiction, Postcolonial
Student Research Profile: Alexandra Deem Independent Research 19th Century, 20th Century, Critical Theory, Literary Criticism, Narrative Analysis, Science and Technology
Student Research Profile: Jordan Augustine Independent Research Communication, Culture, Digital Humanities, Publics/Public Spheres, Science and Technology, Space/Place

Tiffany Loh, "All Up In The Hair: The Significance of Coiffure in Crome Yellow," 2013.

Symposia Literature

Sarah St Albin, "The Fallibility of Post-Enlightenment Virtue in Matthew G. Lewis’ The Monk," 2013.

Symposia Literature

Christopher (Chance) Campbell, "Formal Mimicry as Literary Genre Art: Signs of Performative Authorship in Darko Vukovic's 'Closings' and Katarina Grgic's 'Early April'," 2013.

Symposia Genre Theory

Jordan Augustine, "NSFW: The Subversive Cultural Logic of Anonymous Online Culture," 2013.

Symposia Culture, Digital Humanities

Kali Swenson, "Imagining a Novel Nation: The Indian English Novel and the Indian Independence Movement," 2013.

Symposia Literature, Culture

Merzamie (Mimi) Cagaitan, "Behind the Veils of Industry: The Filipina Mail-Order Bride as the Ultimate Western Male Fantasy," 2013.

Symposia Publics/Public Spheres

Samuel Pizelo, "Biopower and Heterology: An Examination of Protest and Resistance through the Photographs of Abu Ghraib," 2013.

Symposia Global Studies

Alexander Catchings, "Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes: The Integrated Audience's Gaze on Black Performance," 2013.

Symposia African American

Julie Feng, "The Art of Ars Poetica: Exploring the Movement of Metalanguage in Poetry about Poetry," 2013.

Symposia Poetry and Poetics

Jeremy Goheen, "But Will I Be a Man?' The Masculinity Strategy in Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke," 2013.

Symposia Gender

Anthea Piong, "Education Reform in a Results-Oriented Society," 2013.

Symposia Education

Alejandro (Alex) Guardado, "Cinema of Loss: Exploring the Role of War and Trauma in Burundian Films," 2013.

Symposia Film/Cinema

Rachel Schlotfeldt, "Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities: The Emma B. Andrews Diaries," 2013.

Symposia Digital Humanities, Digital Literacy

Thomas Teancum Gunn. Amazing Stories: Wonder as a Reader Response in the Contemporary Novel. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2013.

Honors Theses Literature

Catherine Cooke Opie. Resisting Pedagogical Oppression:The Cultivation of Identity Through Memory and Experience in Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy. Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2013.

Honors Theses Pedagogy

Andrea M. Squires. You are welcome to it if you like:" Seeing and Being Seen, While Reading History from Within the Margins: A Look at Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy." Honors Thesis, University of Washington. 2013.

Honors Theses