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  • Melanya Materne
  • Jonathan Armoza
  • Salwa Tabassum Hoque
  • Jessica Jungwirth
  • Brian Hardison
  • Alexei Rasputin
Author/Title Research Type Related Fields
Michelle Kwon, "Imperial Profiling: Reading Western Figurations of 'Global' Citizenship through Egypt's 'Facebook Revolution'," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia Digital Humanities
Brian Hardison, "Contexts of Colonization: The Literary-Historical Treatment of the Anglo-Saxon Settlement," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia History
Joseph Frantz, "Donald Justice and New Formalist Poetry," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia Poetry and Poetics
Jessica Jungwirth, "Tutors as Participant Researchers: How English Language Learners (ELLs) Taught Us Better Ways to Support Writing and Learning," 2011. Undergraduate, Symposia Pedagogy
Student Research Profile: Jessica Jungwirth Undergraduate, Independent Research Anthropology, Culture, Global Studies, Language Pedagogy, Multilingualism, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Pedagogy
Student Research Profile: Robin Jeffrey Undergraduate, Independent Research Feminism and Feminist Theory, Film/Cinema, Gender, Science and Technology, Science Fiction
Student Research Profile: Jonathan Armoza Undergraduate, Independent Research 19th Century, American, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, History, Literary Criticism
Martha Flores-Perez, "ELL Endorsement: Teaching Multilingual Students," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia Multilingualism, Pedagogy
Brandon Weaver, "No Pain No Gain; Violence and a Critique of American Identity in Contemporary Cinematic Incarnations of the Western," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia American, Film/Cinema
Ella (Sonja) West, "An Analysis of First Person Narratives by Women Political Prisoners in Apartheid South Africa," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia African, Women Writers
Rebecca Mark, "Trans(form)ative Language: Asian American Poetry and Racial Difference," 2010. Undergraduate, Symposia Race and Ethnicity, Asian American, Language, Poetry and Poetics
"Alexei Rasputin" Undergraduate, Independent Research 16th Century