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  • Salwa Tabassum Hoque
  • Robin Jeffrey
  • Jonathan Armoza
  • McKenna Princing
  • Jessica Jungwirth
  • Alejandro Guardado
Author/Titlesort descending Research Type Related Fields
"Alexei Rasputin" Undergraduate, Independent Research 16th Century
Cen Wei. Chinese International Students in American Colleges: Origin, Process, and Influence. 2018 Undergraduate, Honors Theses Culture
Collin Sprenkle. Fly Fishing and the Female Form: Meditations and Investigations into the Corporeal Transformations Experienced in the River. Undergraduate, Honors Theses Literary Criticism
Elise Stefanou.Demonic Liminality: Unsettling an Anthropological Concept Through the Work of Sylvia Wynter, 2018. Undergraduate, Honors Theses Anthropology, Culture, Indigenous
Hannah Bauermeister Degrees of Loneliness in 20th Century America Undergraduate, Honors Theses 20th Century, American
Hannah Nguyen; Cyclicity in Natural Landscape: Its Clash with Human Civilizational Progress Undergraduate, Honors Theses Environment
Jazzy Hothi. "I am Here: Illuminating Black Women’s Resistances to Individualistic Notions of Self-Care," 2018. Undergraduate, Honors Theses African American, Feminism and Feminist Theory
Kavinila Rengaraju: The Flood of Flowers: An Exploration of the Effects of Western Capitalism on Identity Formation in the Colonized Woman Undergraduate, Honors Theses Feminism and Feminist Theory, Postcolonial
Lauren Davis: An Investigation of the Unique Ways Speculative Fiction Can Interrogate Systems of Power, Through an Analysis of N. K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth Trilogy Undergraduate, Honors Theses Experimental, Science Fiction
Leah Cantor: Stolen Autonomy and Futile Rebellion:  Deriving Power form the Oppression of Women Under the Declining British Empire  Undergraduate, Honors Theses British, Feminism and Feminist Theory
Nola Peshkin: Flowing with milk and honey: how the fertile powers of women and nature create patriarchal fear and the desire for control and commodification Undergraduate, Honors Theses 20th Century, Environment, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Women Writers
Ricky Spaulding:Really Really Real: Reality in Performance and the Hyperreal in the Plays of Annie Baker Undergraduate, Honors Theses 21st Century, American, Drama, Performance Studies
Sam Wooley. “We gon’ see the future first”: Subjection, Melancholy, and Queer Utopian Aesthetics in Frank Ocean’s Blonde, 2018. Undergraduate, Honors Theses Performance Studies, Queer Studies, Sexuality
Student Research Profile: Alejandro Guardado Undergraduate, Independent Research African, Culture, Film/Cinema
Student Research Profile: Alexander Catchings Undergraduate, Independent Research 20th Century, African American, Literature, Race and Ethnicity
Student Research Profile: Alexandra Deem Undergraduate, Independent Research 19th Century, 20th Century, Critical Theory, Literary Criticism, Narrative Analysis, Science and Technology
Student Research Profile: Brian Hardison Undergraduate, Independent Research English, Medieval, Textual Studies
Student Research Profile: Danielle VonLehe Undergraduate, Independent Research 19th Century, 20th Century, Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Visual Culture
Student Research Profile: Hilary Roseann Bowen Undergraduate, Independent Research Communication, Performance Studies
Student Research Profile: Jessica Jungwirth Undergraduate, Independent Research Anthropology, Culture, Global Studies, Language Pedagogy, Multilingualism, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Pedagogy
Student Research Profile: Jonathan Armoza Undergraduate, Independent Research 19th Century, American, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, History, Literary Criticism
Student Research Profile: Jordan Augustine Undergraduate, Independent Research Communication, Culture, Digital Humanities, Publics/Public Spheres, Science and Technology, Space/Place
Student Research Profile: McKenna Princing Undergraduate, Independent Research American, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Film/Cinema, Gender, Narrative Analysis, Novel/Prose Fiction, Popular Culture, Sexuality, Women Writers
Student Research Profile: Melanya Materne Undergraduate, Independent Research Communication, Education, Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Pedagogy
Student Research Profile: Noah Lee-Engel Undergraduate, Independent Research 20th Century, 21st Century, Decolonial, Narrative Analysis, Philosophy