People - Faculty

For Teaching Assistants, please see the Graduate Student directory.

Carolyn Allen
Director, Graduate Programs / 206-543-6077 / PDL A-105
Office Hours: BY APPT
Chadwick Allen
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
Russell F. Stark University Professor / 206-543-6616 / GRB 340
Office Hours: By Appt
head shot
Professor / 206-543-2682 / PDL B-407
Office Hours: Not Teaching
Part-time Lecturer / A504
Associate Professor / 206-543-6356 / PDL A-308
Part-time Lecturer / 206.543.7606 / B428
Andrew Feld
Associate Professor
Director, Creative Writing
Editor, Seattle Review / 206-543-7899 / PDL B-025E
Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges
Principal Lecturer
Director, Computer-Integrated Courses / 206-543-4892 / PDL A-305 and PDL A-11
Office Hours: Not Teaching
John Griffith
Associate Professor / 206-543-2179 / PDL A-507
Juan Guerra
Professor / 206-685-6739 / PDL B-506
Office Hours: By Appt
Part-time Lecturer / 206-543-7984 / Suzzalo Cafe
Professor Richard Kenney photo.
Professor / 206-543-2289 / PDL B-437
Office Hours: In Rome
Senior Lecturer / 206-221-7949 / PABB 349
Part-time Lecturer / 206-543-2274 / PDL B-436
Office Hours: Wed 1:30-3:30pm
Carrie Matthews
Senior Lecturer
Director, Interdisciplinary Writing / 206-351-0214 / PDL A-11E
Office Hours: Mondays, 11-3 and T/Th 12:15-1:30
Colette Moore
Associate Professor
Director, Undergraduate Programs / 206-616-0563 / PDL A-002A
Suhanthie Motha
Associate Professor / 206-543-2243 / PDL A-413
Office Hours: By appointment (times and locations variable for student teachers)
John O'Neill
Senior Lecturer / 206-543-2706 / PDL A-016
Mark Patterson
Associate Professor
Curriculum Coordinator, Scheduling / 206-543-7880 / PDL A-403
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:30-12:20 and by appointment
Senior Lecturer / 206-543-2483 / PDL A-415
Office Hours: Not teaching
Paul Remley
Professor / 206-543-6357 / PDL A-412
Side-ways picture of Patrick because website thinks it knows best what orientation to use. Good job, website.
Graduate Student / PDL B435
Leroy Searle
English and Comparative Literature
Joff Hanauer Honors Professor in Western Civilization / 206-409-8878 / PDL B-426
Photo of David Shields
Professor / 206-543-2247 / PDL A-414
Office Hours: Not teaching
Associate Professor / 206-543-2636 / PDL A-501
Office Hours: In Scotland
Acting Instructor / 206-616-5690 / PDL B-432
Pimone Triplett
Associate Professor / 206-525-3040 / PDL A-416
Associate Professor
Director of Writing, College of Arts & Sciences / 206-543-6203 / PDL A-407
Alys Weinbaum
Associate Professor / 206-543-7797 / PDL B-408
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 and by appointment
Shawn Wong
Professor / 206-616-0941 / PDL B-423

Emeritus Faculty

Photo of Charles Frey
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Joan Graham
Principal Lecturer Emerita
Assistant Professor Emeritus
Eric LaGuardia
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus
Photo of William Matchett
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Sally Mussetter
Associate Professor Emerita
Associate Professor Emerita
Photo of Roger Sale
Professor Emeritus
Eugene Smith
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emeritus
James Tollefson
Professor Emeritus / 206-543-2372 / PDL A-410
Associate Professor Emerita
Photo of David Wagoner
Professor Emeritus

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone Office
Brown, Marshall Department Affiliate, Editor, Modern Language Quarterly, Professor of Comparative Literature
PDL B-405
Buckroyd, Peter Study Abroad Program Faculty
Gray, Richard Adjunct
CDH 714
Groves, Jason Department Affiliate, Germanics 206-221-2566 CDH 710
Handwerk, Gary Professor
Henry, Barbara Adjunct, Slavic Languages
PDL A211
Mackey, Daphne Department Affiliate
Teuton, Christopher American Indian Studies
206 543-9082
PDL C-514